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by Volker Weber


Zwei Samples. Danke! Mein Urteil: Lecker. Meine Frage: Wo kriege ich Nachschub her?

Nachtrag: Der Ralf hat mir eine kleine Sammlung von Geschmacksrichtungen geschickt. Danke! Damit bin ich jetzt erst mal Monate beschäftigt.


Noch ein Nachtrag: Ein anonymer Freund hat das Lakritz-Problem endgültig gelöst. Danke!




Armin Auth, 2021-01-28

These are from Northwest England. I used to chew them in the 70s. You can get them on Amazon UK and most UK shops.

Andy Mell, 2021-01-28

Should be available in Dutch supermarkets (now I would not go there due to COVID) or online like

Bernd Schuster, 2021-01-29

I had no idea there were so many flavours. Once when working Offshore on a Dive Boat I had a dreadful cold. I went to the Medic who was known to desperately hold on to all his drugs to get something suitable for my cough. Not only did he not give me anything, he told me to go to the Bond and BUY a couple of packets of Fisherman's Friends. :-)

John Lindsay, 2021-01-31

Bernd Fellerhoff, 2021-02-14

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