Voyager 5200 :: Santa Cruz, we have a problem

by Volker Weber


The Voyager 5200 UC is a one-of-a-kind headset. It mounts on your ear and you quickly forget you are wearing it. It picks up your voice, and only your voice, under any circumstances. Screaming kids, city traffic, a roaring truck, in a roadster with the top down, on a bicycle, it always delivers, for six hours straight. Then you put it into its charging case and it juices up twice before you need to get to a power outlet.

My Voyager has been doing this for years, without failure.

But recently, a few friends have bought one and they quickly ran into trouble. Indoors, without any noise, it works a treat. But taken outside its performance quickly falls off to the point where you can no longer be understood on a phone call. Turning it off and on sometimes cures the problem, but often it does not. The issue seems to be triggered by going out of mute when surrounded by noise. We don't know. My Voyager works, theirs don't. Same firmware, same iPhone.

Poly, please fix this. The Voyager 5200 is one-of-a-kind. We need it.


My new testing, refusing to give it back headset.

Frank van Rijt, 2021-02-15

I had the same problems outdoors when heavily muting/unmuting. My colleagues could not understand me although I had good internet connection a I could hear them perfectly.

After reading your problem description, I think I can confirm the "mute-problem" theory.

latest firmware, but with android.

Christian Jacob, 2021-02-15

I have opened a case on PLT today. Immediate reply: we will send you a new one. That would be the fourth (in total) according to the current count.

Nils Michael Becker, 2021-02-15

That is what I expected. However, I want this problem documented and solved, so that I can go back to recommending this device.

Volker Weber, 2021-02-15

Same problem here, got my Voyager 5200 for outside use last week, and had such high hopes. And then they were dashed; same symptoms as described above, call starting ok, but then going rapidly downhill until other person cannot understand me anymore (no muting involved, though). Tried with two different iPhone models, both on most recent iOS. Voyager also had current firmware.

I lack the patience of waiting for Plantronics / Poly to sort this out, though, so back to dealer it goes.

Kai Stukenbrock, 2021-02-15

PLT writes back: Currently there are no 5200 left in stock, we ask for patience.

Nils Michael Becker, 2021-02-15

Does anybody know whether Plantronics is doing out-of-warranty repairs in Switzerland? I tried to submit a ticket and am told that they don't support out-of-warranty service "in your market". Background: My Voyager Focus UC mic stopped working, though the rest of the headset works fine. I bought it in 2015, so I wouldn't have an issue with throwing it away and buying a new one, but perhaps there's a way...

Peter Daum, 2021-02-15

Adding my voice to the list. Works for me in conference call, but was quite disappointed using it outside - and irritated. Until today. Thanks Volker 💪!

Guys, how do you recommend to report it to PLT?

Ahmad Masrieh, 2021-02-16

Out of stock is an understatement. In 6 months, I managed to get two, for a decent rare item price. Both refused to load after some days and were returned. Guess I had no luck.

Daniel Seiler, 2021-02-16

My Replacement is shipped, Poly says.

Nils Michael Becker, 2021-02-18

I loved the 5200 until I took it outside. Everything you’re saying about it is true. So comfortable you forget about wearing it. Folks on the other end are applauding the audio quality. Unfortunately, a few minutes under stress outside and the 5200 is almost completely useless. Poly should really fix this since I get, the issue has been around for a while.

Ralf Rottmann, 2021-02-18

Any news on the Voyager 5200 UC? I got my new one shipped end of March and I experience the same issues: Sometimes it works outside like a charm with great windshield functionality. And sometimes I have to stop using it because nobody can understand me.

Has somebody identified an available version that does not has the problems?

Lukas Fütterer, 2021-04-16

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