Reviewing Pylon Application Server, part 4

by Volker Weber

[continued from part 3]

I am still stuck. Today I had time to once again look into the issue I was having with the Pylon task. Same error:

Pylon [1064]: Error Error creating pylonlog.txt

This file will presumably be created inside the domino/data directory tree. No such file exists there. The server is running as a systems account and it can write to local disk just fine (for instance the notes.ini file).

But I just learned that I am not alone.


Unfortunatly the guys from the pylon team don´t read this forum entries not on a regular base. I complained several times - maybe they try to keep up the support revenue :-(

We installed Pylon App Server at several customer sites, but I never had this problem. best thing: direct connect to the tech guys via the european rep in London, very helpfull guy called Ben Mansell. can send you the email adress if you need it...

Alexander Kluge, 2003-07-23

Please do so. I have excellent support from Asensys though. And I think that this time they will read the forum. :-)

Volker Weber, 2003-07-23

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