Smart move

by Volker Weber


Looking at my buddylist in iChat AV I see yet another person with this little green icon. Which means I can call him over the Internet without a phone. Which also means that he is using a Mac. Congratulations, Stefan!

I know that his icon will change really soon from a phone to a camera. That is, after TNT has finally delivered his iSight. :-)


Huh, I don't remember a press-release stating that some company invented artificial eyes that are delivered by TNT, so that Stefan finally gets his eyesight? Do you need an optician to mount them or can you do it yourself? :-)

On the other hand, this screen can't be true, because Stefan usually has idle-times in the hours-range (and now I know why: It's hard tp type without eyesight :-)

cu Mike

Mike Hartmann, 2003-11-14

Those of us with iSights are rather lonely. You're the only other person on my IM list who has one, Volker. :-(

--Esther (who'd say howdy to anybody else who'd pop up)

Esther Schindler, 2003-11-14

Mike: You're going to pay next weekend ;-)

Esther: For the moment I won't be able to join the club for my iSight got lost somewhere between Venray and Eindhoven, Netherlands. Currently Apple and TNT blame each other for either not sending a second package or losing it. Well, judging from the condition my APP pack was in when it arrived here I guess they literally kicked it from Dublin to Venray - so maybe my iSight was lost during the finals of a TNT internal soccer match.

Stefan Rubner, 2003-11-14

Stefan, OK you'll get a beer...
hmmm, better two, because:
an easier solution to get back your eyesight might be visiting your hairdresser :-)

Greets Mike

Mike Hartmann, 2003-11-16

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