T630 finally without the stupid T-Mobile branding

by Volker Weber

t-mobile-fratze.jpgIt took us more than 4 months to fix this T630 branding issue. Numerous people tried to flash the phone but they all failed, including one who offered this service on eBay.

The first step towards a solution was when HJG bought a terminator dongle and successfully flashed his own brand new phone. It was a walk in the park. He then volunteered to either flash our phone if we were able to mail it. Well, we could not, so he sent us his dongle.

It then turned out to not be a walk in the park for us. First both of my Thinkpads failed to see the dongle. Once I had established I was using the correct software, I moved to my HP workstations and the first one succeeded right away and saw the dongle.

My first tasks were to update my T39m and T68i phones to a current software level. Both phones were neither locked nor branded. It turned out to be quite easy and I was looking forward to finally rid the T630 of its branding. Much to my dismay however it did not work.

It turned out that T-Mobile took the customer lock-in to a new level by encrypting the boot sequence so it could no longer be interrupted to flash the phone. The solution was to get the right software that was able to break this lock.

Finally my friend is able to use all buttons on his phone without being forced into T-Zones.


Hi Volker,

seems like phones need the same patch attention as PCs. Could you point me to an entry point to get knowledgable about the process. Somehting like:
- How to find out your software revision
- Where to find the latest software
- How to patch
I'm using a T610 currently. I like the size and the ability to assign picture to callers (the only thing the build in camera is suitable for). The SAR is lousy and Bluetooth doesn't make more than one connection at a time (which I think is a bug): so either Palm or Headset.
:-) stw

Stephan H. Wissel, 2004-10-04

Sure. Check out http://www.cellular-support.com/.

Volker Weber, 2004-10-04

yepp, great job! Thanks again, vowe & HJG !!!

Schweppes, 2004-10-04

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