vowe goes to Lotusphere

by Volker Weber

Adding another card to the stack, I have booked my travel yesterday. The current plan is to arrive at the Dolphin/Swan on Saturday in the afternoon and leave Thursday 4pm from MCO. I will try to attend sessions Sunday, the next two days I will be on the press schedule and Wednesday is session time again. Looking for the booth babes (Hi, Chris) in between. If you are speaking Sunday or Wednesday, let me know. If you have interesting giveaways, spare one for me. And no, you can't swipe my card. ;-)

I have some plans for evening activities already. There is an upcoming invitation for Saturday, then the opening party at the Dolphin beach Sunday night (meeting point), a reception Monday in the early evening. Tuesday is 'booked' by Bob and Wednesday shall be the still to be announced big party.

Do you recognize any of these?


Since Joe Litton and I have a Jumpstart session (Java For The Domino Developer), I'm assuming we're speaking on Sunday... :-)

Thomas Duff, 2004-12-04

Wenn ich die Bilder sehe, werde ich ganz neidisch :-( Wenn alles klappt, bin ich 2006 wieder dabei. Ich wünsche dir viel Spaß an der Copa Banana :-)

Wolfgang Sommergut, 2004-12-04

Volker, that NASA site you told me about is great! I'll post an aerial pic of our home site this eve. The ability to zoom so easily is wonderful. Looking forward to seeing you. Cheers.

Joe Litton, 2004-12-06

Glad you're reprising your role as VOWE at Lotusphere 2005. It wouldn't be the same without you ;)

Rocky Oliver, 2004-12-06

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