Six days with the Treo 750v

by Volker Weber

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It has been almost a week since I started using the Treo 750, and I think I have made up my mind about it. It is by far the best Windows Mobile device I have used so far. Which means, you have to like Windows Mobile to like the Treo. I am not particularly fond of Windows Mobile but I am also not completely opposed.

On the battery front things are much clearer now. If you keep the ActiveSync connection open and you don't do anything else, the battery goes down from 100% in the morning to about 51% in the late evening. Which means that I charge it every single night, although it is not completely empty.

Microsoft's "push" mail via ActiveSync is better than polling the server with POP or IMAP, but it isn't anything close to the BlackBerry service. Very often the Treo 750v does not know about new mail when the BlackBerry 8707v has already received a dozen messages. This may be due to a bad coverage but both the Treo and the BlackBerry operate on the Vodafone network. If I tell the Treo to send and receive messages, it fetches mails that the BlackBerry already had downloaded.

Once you have the messages on your device, reading them is very fast and straightforward, even a little bit faster than the BlackBerry. Here the Treo is better than a Series 60 device by a very wide margin. You can scroll through ten emails on the Treo while a Nokia smartphone is still busy fetching the first. What I am looking forward to is the release of BlackBerry Connect for the Treo, which is due very soon. This would combine the reliability of the BlackBerry service with the overall neatness of this phone.


Im Interested in seeing your opinion on the Berry connect for windows units. My experience was not great, as at the time, PIM information could not be sync'd

Paul Mooney, 2006-09-20

Where does the Blackberry Pearl stay ?
Here they already unboxed it.
I am looking forward reading your review of it....

Sebastian Grötsch, 2006-09-20

Where to put your Treo at dinner:

look at:Michael Mace Blog:

And then there's the Treo. I've been told by several European friends that slapping down a Treo on the table gets you labeled as a geek. And not a nice geek in the American sense (visionary and probably rich), but geek in the bad sense (socially misfit and physically underdeveloped). The keyboard, which American users tend to regard as a badge of business power and importance, comes across as pathetically computer-obsessed to a lot of folks in Europe. At least that's what I've been told by people over there.

Christoph Jung, 2006-09-20

Christoph, don't be too concerned about this. It is neither a badge of business power, nor importance. It is just a mobile. Business people tend to wear their BlackBerry outside of plain view either on their belt or in an inside pocket of their coat. Treos are very rare.

Sebastian, the Pearl arrived today and I will be playing with it for a few days. Expect the first post Friday night or so. Engadget is right: This thing loves fingerprints. First impression: I am going to love it.

Volker Weber, 2006-09-20

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