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by Volker Weber

Chris Linfoot writes that he has declined the Internet Explorer 7 upgrade. Time to look at the browser stats again:


Almost two out of three Firefox users have upgraded to version 2. Internet Explorer shows the opposite picture. Only one in four is on the latest version:

internet explorer


The only Windows desktops I use are at work. One's IE6 on Win2k. The XP system has IE7 installed...I installed the betas when the came out...but I mostly use Firefox 2 on it anyway.

Scott Gentzen, 2006-12-10

That was quick ;-)

Chris Linfoot, 2006-12-10

On my IWC Pilot Watches Website with about 1500 visitors per week i have teh following stats:

IE 67 % (6.0 81%, 7.0 17%)
Firefox 21% (2.0 44%, 1,5 35%)
Safari 6%

I installed Firefox 2.0 on my new ThinkPad Z61m with Centrino Dual Core, and it doesn´t run well there. It just freezes several times a day. I now run it in the Win 98 compatibility mode, now it doesnt freeze anymmore, but a lot of embeded programs like Acrobat dont fun anymore. IE 7 runs very smooth on this machine.

Franz Mattes, 2006-12-11

I am not sure the browser statistics to your site are worth analysing too much. Most people visiting are probably IT (interested) and therefore make conscious decisions about which browser they use and will upgrade fairly soon and are more likely to use something else than what comes with the operating system. Another part will be corporate visitors who have no choice in which browser and version they are allowed to use. Most likely these will be IE users on version 6.

Martijn Mulder, 2006-12-11

BTW - in case anyone is interested in the reason why I declined the update, this is why.

Chris Linfoot, 2006-12-11

Greetings vowe,

the geek part of my soul is saddened...I wanted to place a little gem on your browser stats by visiting your site with the Arachne browser from a VM with FreeDOS installed...alas, the browser appears to freeze when loading images, and when I disable them I can't get past your captcha!

Such are the times...I am not suggesting changing your anti-spam measures for us poor text-based browser users, :)

your site looks OK in DOS, though!

Frank-Leonardo Quednau, 2006-12-11

I think what Scott said is the relevant point here. In the tech savvy world of vowe readers, when they can pick the browser they want, they go with Firefox. Since they are picking for themselves, they are the only ones holding themselves back from upgrading. When they don't have a choice (IE = unfortunate enterprise desktop standard), they have to use IE. Upgrading isn't their choice but the choice of the IT department, who will be slow to adopt (even if IE7 would be a fairly smart thing to move forward with).

Kevan Emmott, 2006-12-11

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