New stuff to read

by Volker Weber

Chris Miller wrote a pocket guide about installing and administrating the Sametime Gateway. I think it is a terrible business plan to write a book about a product that only few will attempt to deploy (compared to a "Vista for Dummies" book). But if you want to get this gateway going, you better run to get his book. Yeah, I am on commission - Chris, I'll have a beer.

The red paper that Frank Dröge co-authored after reading about the residency here on vowe's magic flying circus, also just came out of hiding: Lotus Notes Access for SAP. This one's free, so no beer for me. ;-)


Free publicity still warrants free beer ;-)

EntwicklerCamp? (If the beer's not free anyway, that is...)

Frank Dröge, 2007-01-08

Would have been interesting though :-) Nu, after all I was a little bit shocked myself that I took the call immediately and wrote my meme post. (Has been fun btw). Memes as the modern form of chain letters? Not really.

Benjamin Stein, 2007-01-08

Sorry, comment went to wrong post...

Benjamin Stein, 2007-01-08

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