MacBook Pro and netbook updates

by Volker Weber


A month ago I wrote The MacBook Pro it is. And I could not have been happier with this purchase. It is an elegant and fast machine and has not given me a single headache. Surprisingly it was the "default notebook" at BlackBerry Developer Conference. Surprisingly, because RIM, much like Lotus, does not have Mac development tools (yet). If you think about getting one, do it. This Friday, when Apple will have some one-day-only price reductions.

Three weeks ago I upgraded the Samsung NC-10 to Windows 7. This has also been a no-nonsense update. Windows 7 runs well on this diminutive machine. I do have 2 GB RAM installed, so this may cloud my judgement. But again, no headaches. If Windows would run Keynote, then I would not have been in a great hurry to buy the MacBook Pro. On the other hand, the NC-10 would also be too weak to run Traktor Pro. And I am going to need that again next week.

The NC-10 has a worthy successor in the N140. If you really, really only need a netbook on a budget, this is the one to look at. Battery life has improved again to nine hours and it comes with Windows 7 Starter. But it is as limited as the as NC10 was as far as CPU, RAM and disk are concerned. Limitations that Microsoft sets in their licensing agreement. Having used a netbook for a year I can't honestly recommend it as your sole computer. You will probably hit the first wall when you try to watch Flash videos.

All is well hardware-wise at vowe's magic flying circus. If Microsoft would fix Live Sync for Snow Leopard, I would be an extremely happy camper.


Good Morning,
I have the N110 with just 1 GB at the moment and Windows 7 runs smoothly. Just HD Youtube Videos are not so well but every other movie I watched so far runs normal.

Patrick Bohr, 2009-11-24

I am currently happy with my Dell Precision M4300 I bought over a year ago. Installing a Intel SSD and Windows 7 really improved the experience a lot.

Although the Mac OS X and the Apple Hardware (especially the MacBook Pro 15") are very appealing to me there is one thing missing: 24 service that comes to my office and repairs my notebook like Dell does. Otherwise I would need a second machine for emergency.

Thomas Einwaller, 2009-11-24

Remember: smoking is bad for your health and your warranty.

Ralf Stellmacher, 2009-11-24

But the N140 seems to have one big limitation: No integrated HSDPA modem like the NC-10 (that even works with Windows 7 ;-)

Peter Meuser, 2009-11-24

Hi Volker - Noooo. Stay away from Traktor Pro on the Netbook.. You would loose all the fun with the filters and effects which can add that extra oomph to your set.. I'd recommend going with the mac for Traktor out of Windows XP / Vista and OSX. OSX has been the most stable for me in longer sets, with no slow downs, or delays which I got with Vista. Traktor works well with Snow Leopard (and its supported!) My mac has done 6 hrs sets with no issues at all. Remember DJ'ing is noo fun unless your having fun too. btw in the UK, its smoke free now so no Mac Warranty issues for me when gigging :-)

Andy Dennis, 2009-11-25

Andy, don't worry. I am going to use the MacBook Pro. ;-)

Volker Weber, 2009-11-25

Hey for Andy and Volker, I have written a Traktor Pro to Twitter connector for OSX, which does require icecast server (and macports and xcode) but will update track listing live from traktor 1.2. Check out

Bryan McDade, 2009-11-25

Hi Volker,

Good luck to Germany on the game against Argentina. They're playing really well :-) Hope they win! Which Macbook Pro did you buy, the 13"? How have you been enjoying Traktor Pro on it? I recently bought a Vestax VCI-100 midi controller customized by the folks at but I need a notebook for it. Wondering if the 13" 2.4Ghz MBP will do for me.



Daniel Silva, 2010-07-03

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