olloclip 2x Telephoto and Circular Polarizing Lens

by Volker Weber


As I said two days ago, I was expecting a telephoto lens for the iPhone and it showed up on my doorstep today. It's the same design as the 3-in-1 lens, but instead of providing Fisheye, Wide Angle and Macro, it has a 2x Telephoto lens and a Circular Polarizing lens.


They sit on both ends of the mount and you just flip it over to either use the telephoto lens or the polarizer. My first thought was: and if I want to use both at the same time? As it turns out, I wasn't the first person with this idea.


You just put the telephoto in front of the camera lens, then remove the polarizer from the back and mount it in front of the telephoto. Clever design. The kit also comes with a ring that lets you mount the polarizer in front of the wideangle of the 3-in-1 lens.


With both the polarizer and the telephoto lens in front of the iPhone 5 camera, this looks like a bad-ass setup, doesn't it? But not so fast, young Skywalker. You will need a lot of light to use that. Both the lens and the polarizer will reduce the light hitting the sensor. And you no longer have a flash, which sits behind the setup.

Finally, some quick samples to show the field of view. Same scene, shot from a tripod. No lens, Telephoto, Wideangle, Fisheye.





As you can see, I still need to center the fisheye. I tried to follow the instruction but the lens would not swivel.

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'Not so fast' are you a Lee Corso impersonator

This tele lens looks very nice. The issue with lot of light is less of a problem for circular polarizer than for the tele lens. However, the tele lens shot is not as crisp at I would expect it.

Thomas Koester, 2013-09-12

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