iPad Pro 9.7 :: My favorite keyboard

by Volker Weber


A week ago I told you I need to update you on my usage pattern. And it turned out that nothing changed. The iPad Pro is down to around 10% in the evening. Which means I used it nine hours each day. When I go to bed, the iPhone 6S still has around 60% charge. That means a lot of my usage has moved back to the iPad. I did not really expect that.

If I want to get serious work done, I need a keyboard. The Apple keyboard is unsuited, failing to provide a German key mapping. I could possibly set it in the software, but then the keys won't match the mapping, which bothers me too much. Time to look at my other options:

What am I waiting for? A keyboard that connects to the iPad Pro 9.7 connector. With a German keyboard mapping. My bets are on Logi.


You can use the Smart Keyboard with a German layout and it works quite well. I like the convenience of having an all-in-one setup that I can use on go without needing an extra stand. More thoughts: http:/acool.link/smart-keyboard-thoughts

But Apple should definitely get their shit together and offer a localized keyboard layout, how hard can it be?

Adrian Thomas, 2016-04-26

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