Netgear improves the Arlo Pro covers

by Volker Weber

Photo Netgear

If you want to hide your Arlo camera in a tree, the white body gives it away too easily. This is why there are quite a few covers are available for the Arlo. Now with Arlo Pro Netgear improves the design. You stick the camera in from the back and there is a shade that protects the lens from rain or condensation. Very well done.

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I prefer this cover/model

Joerg Rafflenbeul, 2017-03-17

Haha, the german web page is promising a bit too much:

Regarding the free/basic cloud service:
"Wir machen langfristige Verträge oder hohe monatliche Abonnementgebühren überflüssig. Mit Arlo können Sie jährlich Hunderte Millionen an Euros sparen."

Save hundreds of millions!

Marc Beckersjuergen, 2017-03-17

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