One Thousand Move Goals

by Volker Weber

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On my 1002nd day of wearing the Apple Watch I completed my 1000 move goals. I missed it only on two days: on June 20th in 2016 I missed it by 3 calories since I did not pay attention, and then again last October when I woke up in the ICU. This may sound like a big achievement but it is kind of inevitable. Once you establish your daily routine, you just keep going. A day, a full week, a complete month. Three months later your reach 100. Complete the year to get to 365, and 500 is less than five months ahead. After that is is quite a stretch. How do you eat an elephant? In small bites. Eventually it will be gone.

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What now? Just keep going. #dontbreakthechain

PS: This isn't a crazy thing that only I do. Detlev and Fridolin completed the challenge before I did. And so can you. Start today and then keep going.


Congrats Volker! I’m currrntly in my way to 365 and see no reason to break the chain! I took a break from the AW0 after having it replaced due to the glue failing but came back with an AW3 SB SS and loving it. Haven’t missed a day since and look forward to 500 and 1000 day achievements. Thanks for the inspiration.

Leo Wiggins III, 2018-02-24

Congrats Volker!

Detlev Poettgen, 2018-02-24

Congrats, Volker! And thank you for your inspiration. I have to blame you for doing now 56 consecutive days... and I love it!

Fotios Nisiropoulos, 2018-02-24

Congratulations! This is inspiring and impressive!

Since I've just ordered my second treadmill desk for the home office - wondering what you think about these to hit some walking goals while doing office work still. (Works great for me ymmv) - keywords to search: treadmill desk tr-1200 dt5



Daniel Kirstenpfad, 2018-02-24

I need to get outside, walk the dog, smell the air, experience the forest. When return, I am a better person, that can work faster and make up for the time that wasn't lost at all.

Volker Weber, 2018-02-25

Gestartet Anfang Januar, bin ich nun auch täglich dabei ... but far behind ... anyway: getting (just a little bit) better ... rather slowly, but continuing.

Stephan Perthes, 2018-02-25

Nice! I'm about to go out for my walk on day 144. We spoke last September about my struggles with the Apple Watch as I started a weight loss study at a local university hospital. My personal version of #dontbreakthechain is that since October 7, 2017, I have gone outside EVERY DAY for a walk no matter what the weather is. The study wanted us to get a minimum of 20 minutes/day of exercise but my goal started at 20-30. I've now doubled that and will also start running as soon as it warms up here a bit more.

It's easy to track my progress and requires no equipment - I simply don't skip any days no matter what, so all I have to do is count the days. This is more exercise than I have done in 20 years and is a huge win for me. I finally found the right motivation to actually step out every day - I don't want to start over at day 1. Some of my class and my wife have also adopted versions of #dontbreakthechain.

I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that last week I tried an Apple Watch again and I think this time it's going to stick, especially since I bought it locally, slightly used.

Thanks for the kick to get us healthier.

Bill Greenberg, 2018-02-27

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