Kindle Oasis :: Problem solved

by Volker Weber

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Hers and his. I blame Nina.


curious - is there a reason you are not using the cover + battery extender? I have always used that and like it

John Head, 2018-04-06

You are thinking of the 2016 Oasis with a tiny battery. This is the 2017 Oasis.

Volker Weber, 2018-04-06

Is the Oasis as resistant to being dropped on a tiled floor from bed-height when you fall asleep reading, as the Kindle Paperwhite?

That happens regularly to me, and my Paperwhite has never suffered any damage at all...

John Keys, 2018-04-06

Tough question. I am not familiar with Paperwhite, only the regular Kindle. That has a wide frame and recessed screen, while Oasis is screen to the aluminium frame. The frame is however slightly raised by a fraction of a millimeter so that the screen does not touch the surface when you put it face down.

I would think that (a) Paperwhite is better protected and (b) that Oasis would survive a drop from the bed onto hard floor easily. It also is better protected against water damage so if you read it next to your pool or in the tub, you won't damage it accidentally.

Amazon replaces Kindle screen free of charge while the device is in warranty. So far I have not managed to break one. Scanning the internet I also do not find much about broken Kindle screens. Maybe this isn't an issue like it is with iPads or smartphones?

Volker Weber, 2018-04-06

Thanks - think I will look at the Oasis when I replace the Paperwhite, which will be quite soon.

John Keys, 2018-04-06

I once managed to break the screen of a Paperwhite 2. The surface was fine, it was not cracked nor something tangible at all. But the pixels in some parts of the screen were no longer working. There was a vertical line roughly 1/3 from the right and a horizontal one 1/3 from the bottom. The top left part of the screen worked fine, the right and the bottom areas had some unintended patterns. Touch worked fine everywhere.
Reason was not dropping, but most likely it was bent by sitting on it.
It was out of warranty and Amazon still proposed a 40€ discount on a new one, resulting in the same 79€ you get in the regular sale offers).

Benjamin Bock, 2018-04-06

Thanks for blaming me ;)

Nina Wittich , 2018-04-07

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