Apple Watch Activity Competition revisited #dontbreakthechain

by Volker Weber


Last week I told you how the Activity Competition in watchOS 5 works and provided you with this spreadsheet and my numbers for the two weeks prior. Thank you for commenting your numbers. That gave me another push for this week. Thursday was my best day and yesterday I barely made the max daily points.

Don't worry about my stand hours. I do get enough sleep. These aren't really stand hours, but rather minutes. I can sleep on the spot and do that daily from shortly after midnight to just before six. I also take two naps for more an hour total.

I will dial back a bit for next week. :-)



Marc Henkel, 2018-10-21


Bernd Ries, 2018-10-22

4200 w/ 1250 daily activity for 3 weeks in a row - but it gets harder to not break that streak...

Ralph Inselsbacher, 2018-10-22

Insane! I would not have met the move goal once and the competition score would be at 3937.

Volker Weber, 2018-10-22

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