New Apple Watch complications

by Volker Weber

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Watch Serie 4 has two watch faces that are not on the older watches: Infograph with an analog and a digital clock. This is the analog Infograph face with some of the new complications. The top one shows your activities both as rings as well as numbers. I love the new gauges, here on display as the new weather complication. It shows both the current temperature as well as low and high temperature for the day.


A very nice way to display the weather. I also like, how you can see - on base of the dot - in which range the current temperature is based. Closer to lowest or highest.

Nina Wittich, 2018-10-22

Very nice evolution of watch data visualization.
Also usage of the corners. Putting the acitvities complication into one of the corners still shows the rings and numeric values.

Btw. your watch foto made me try my aluminum Nike edition with the milanese strap. It actually looks quite nice.

Tobias Hauser, 2018-10-22

Yes, the milanese strap works well with the AL watches. I wore it with the space grey one as well.

Volker Weber, 2018-10-22

Two questions about this.

1: The Milanese-Band - do the hairs get stuck in it and it hurts with every movement like with other (watch-) manufacturers?

2: The (new) watchfaces, can I configure them in one color? The display in your picture would be much too colorful for me personally.

Robert Kurt, 2018-10-22

No, the band does not pull any hair.

And no, the complications have certain colors. But you can build monchromatic watch faces. Here is another one I use:

Volker Weber, 2018-10-22

Vielleicht stelle ich mich ja nur zu dumm an, aber ich kann Infograph nirgends finden. Vielleicht gibt es die exklusiv nur auf der Nike-Watch? Oder hast Du auch die Normale?

Markus Mews, 2018-10-26

Nur auf Series 4.

Volker Weber, 2018-10-26

Ja, das habe ich verstanden. Frisch gekauft und eingerichtet aber keine Spur von Infograph. Am Ähnlichsten sieht noch Utility aus.

Markus Mews, 2018-10-26

Infograph und Infograph Modular sind die ersten beiden Watchfaces, wenn Du ein neues einrichtest. Fest drücken, links streichen, bis du das Plus siehst und dann hinzufügen.

Volker Weber, 2018-10-26

DANKE! Sehr edel. Jetzt muss nur noch das eSIM-Profil kommem und alles wird gut. :-)

Markus Mews, 2018-10-26

Wenn du das per Post angefordert hast, dann dauert das bis zu einer Woche. Die Hotline stellt Dir das binnen ein paar Minuten ins Kundencenter.

Volker Weber, 2018-10-26

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