Apple Special Event Oct 30

by Volker Weber

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There is an Apple Special Event coming up Tuesday. And unlike other Apple events, it's held on the East Coast, proably to make it happen earlier. Please note that the US is still on daylight savings time, so it's 15:00 in Germany, not 16:00. What will they be showing? Probably a lot of things, because the holiday shopping season starts right after Halloween and everything that is not in stores after Thanksgiving (22 Nov), won't make it.

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I read the same rumors like you do. But as most of them, I don't really know what's coming. Reading the same rumors over and over again don't make them true. By looking at Apple's website, you can make some good assumptions. iPad is new, so we are probably not going to see changes here. iPad Pro is old and would benefit from the iPhone design with smaller bezels and replacing Touch ID. But what about the iPad mini? Will it continue to get older until it finally disappears quietly? iPhones are getting larger and maybe there is no place for iPad mini anymore. We will find out Tuesday.

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On the Mac side I do not expect changes for MacBook Pro since that already is "new". iMac and iMac Pro usually get updates slipped in. This design is a classic and there is no need to change it. But there are three machines that need updates badly. MacBook Air needs a better display and a current chipset, Mac mini and Mac Pro are a joke. I have no idea who still buys them. But I don't think a new Mac Pro is ready yet. I guess Apple has to find a way to make a $1200 MacBook that is current. This could mean a MacBook Air replacement or an upgraded MacBook.

What I would find really interesing is an iBook. An iPad in a MacBook design. But I don't think that is coming now. Anyway, I will watch the show and then give you my thoughts. Not while it happens but after I had some time to think about what has been said.


iPad Pro ohne HomeButton macht Sinn. Dann ist da einfach mehr Platz für den Pen zum zeichnen und schreiben.

Stefan Dorscht, 2018-10-28

I judge what is coming by watching the "surplus" sites where apple tends to unload any excess inventory before making announcements about new stuff. Based upon what I saw we will see new iPads, iPods, Mac Mini, and MacBooks. We will see.

Paul T Calhoun, 2018-10-28

Mac mini crossed through on your screenshot? I reckon that should be replaced this time, to stop it remaining a joke... The basic idea of a headless Mac, which is more upgradable than the current mini is, still makes sense IMO.

John Keys, 2018-10-28

Ah- confusing graphics, I think. Some of the things you've crossed out are due for replacement this time in your opinion and some aren't?

John Keys, 2018-10-28

I think those models are due to be either removed or replaced by something new.

Volker Weber, 2018-10-28

"I have no idea who still buys them" I would like to help you : me

Wolfram Votteler, 2018-10-29

Thank you, Wolfram. Which one? The Mac Pro or Mac mini?

Volker Weber, 2018-10-29

What about Apple Airpods?
I hope they will have a new version. I am waiting for the update and it is not unlikely that they will have an update.

I am waiting for a water proof version :-)


Daniel Nashed, 2018-10-29

Quite possible there will be an update. I did not mention any accessories. If we see new iPads Pros there will be new covers and keyboards. If we see AirPower, we will see AirPods that work with it. They may also be launching iOS 12.1 and watchOS 5.1. It's just one more day to wait. No need to speculate.

If you don't get waterproof AirPods, I recommend these for workouts:

Volker Weber, 2018-10-29

I bought one mac mini and 2 Mac Pro, the last one Apple replaced after three years for a new one, with full guaranty.

Wolfram Votteler, 2018-10-29

They do not sound like recent purchases. I don't question they were once great machines, but they have not been upgraded in years.

Volker Weber, 2018-10-29

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