New Apple AirPods :: Stuff that works

by Volker Weber


The AirPods are Apple's best product, and they have been since they launched. Customer satisfaction is through the roof. With the new AirPods I fell in love with them once more, basically for three reasons:

  1. Siri is finally working as I want it to. Just say 'hey siri next track' and it so happens. With the original you had so say 'hey siri', then wait for the chime, then say 'louder'. That makes a huge difference.
  2. Longer battery life. Phone calls eat into the battery less, and equally important, those batteries are new.
  3. Inductive charging. You just put the case on your Fatboy and it's full.

Batteries wear out after 500 to 1000 full recharges and I have used those up easily on my first pair. Then you have to put them back into the case more often. You can still use them, but they are less fun. Keep that in mind if somebody offers you to buy their old pair.

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I'm afraid they won't fit. I have rather small ears, wearing the PT6200 with the smaller plugs at the moment.

Martin Loeschner, 2019-04-26

Sorry, für mich sind das schon eine Art Hygieneartikel, würde ich daher niemals als Second Hand in Erwägung ziehen...

Thomas Mendorf, 2019-04-28

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