July 2004

Lass Deine Nummer neben dem Telefon liegen

by Volker Weber

Das war er also: Die Krönung männlicher Anmachkunst: Anbaggern – abschleppen – flachlegen – abhauen: Der One-Night-Stand. Wow! Und ich war dabei! Mittendrin! Der Held! Ich konnte es kaum fassen: Mein erster One-Night-Stand!

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Don't try this at home

by Volker Weber


Ich brech ab

by Volker Weber

So langsam fresse ich mich durch die ganzen Einträge, die auf meinen Lieblingsseiten so in den letzten Wochen geschrieben wurden. Heute war Lyssa dran. Und dabei hätte ich mir beinahe das Hemd ruiniert:

Von rechts näherten sich zwei Mädchen, die ich auf ungefähr 18 schätzte. Kippe im Mund, farbenfrohes Make-up im Gesicht, Minihintern, bauchfrei mit Stein im Nabel und sorgsam darauf bedacht, mit den Stiletto-Sandalen nicht in Pfützen zu treten. Von links kamen zwei Jungs, vermutlich 16, ebenso mit Kippen ausgestattet, beide sicher sehr verzweifelte, aber treue Hautarzt-Patienten, und dank Baggy-Pants ganz ohne Hintern unterwegs. Die Teams schienen sich zu kennen, blieben aber 50 Meter voneinander entfernt zum Showdown stehen und brüllten lieber etwas lauter.

Und jetzt weiterlesen: Pubertät Gangsta-Style

Neulich auf der Autobahn

by Volker Weber

Zwei Rentnerpaare sind mit dem Auto auf der Autobahn und fahren nicht mehr als 81 km/h. Ein Polizist hält das Auto an.

Der Opa fragt: "Waren wir zu schnell?"

Darauf der Polizist: "Nein, aber warum fahren Sie so langsam?"

Opa: "Darf man schneller fahren?"

Polizist: "Ich denke 100 km/h kann man ruhig fahren."

Opa: "Aber auf dem Schild steht A81. Da muss ich doch 81 km/h fahren."

Polizist: "Nein, das ist doch nur die Nummer der Autobahn."

Opa: "Ach so. Danke für den Hinweis."

Der Polizist schaut auf die Rückbank des Autos und sieht zwei steif sitzende Omis mit weit aufgerissenen Augen und unendlich großen Pupillen.

Da fragt der Polizist fürsorglich die beiden Rentner: "Was ist denn mit den zwei hinten los? Ist den Damen nicht gut?"

Da sagt der andere Opa: "Doch, doch. Wir kommen nur von der B252."

One more thing?

by Volker Weber


The new 4G iPod leaves me slightly underwhelmed. It's a good thing that they did away with the four extra buttons of the 3G version. I never longed to upgrade from Woodstock, because the 3G scheme did not appeal to me.

However the introduction of the "Music" menu hints at other things to come. Besides music, what is the next thing you would want to carry with you at all times? I am not talking about calendar, contacts and other minor things that the device does today. I believe the next move is photos.

Take the whole iPhoto library and blast it over to the iPod. You don't have DRM restrictions here, so you can make it a two-way sync. How about this scenario?

1. iPod syncs with iPhoto. Look at your photos while away from home.
2. iPod offloads pictures from camera and frees camera storage.
3. When home, iPhoto grabs new photos from iPod.

So what do we need? A dock for memory cards? Or a USB interface to camera? Do I hear Bluetooth? And of course a color screen, because B/W would be kind of dull. So I am looking for a yet another iPod soon. Maybe for 499? :-)

Notes/Domino 7 beta 2 now available

by Volker Weber

Beta 2 of Notes/Domino 7 is now available on developerWorks. Domino available for AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows. Notes is Windows only. Still no signs of a Mac client. Download here.

Miscelleanous fun

by Volker Weber

And I thought I knew all those T-shirts out there. Ed says, he has a door like this. And what is this? No, not the presenter. Bling! And read the instructions. Slightly overdone. Finally, meet Pinkey.

Nice try

by Volker Weber


Look at the frequency of this spam attempt. One every second. The site was hit by 1800 distinct users in a 10 minute time frame, for which I reset the counters to monitor the strength of the attack. After checking a few of the sites coming in here, I found them all running various versions of Windows. I guess I have to thank Microsoft for providing this network of unsecure PCs on the Internet.

The attack lasted for well over an hour, but nothing was hurt, there were no noticeable slowdowns. Just a few tens of thousands of page impressions extra.

Not a single spam comment was successfully dropped off. Thank you, Jay Allen.

Need directions?

by Volker Weber


Garbage in, garbage out

by Volker Weber

Reuters reports:

BERLIN (Reuters) - Attempts to persuade young Britons that Germany is cool have made little progress, and many still associate the country with Adolf Hitler, beer and soccer, a survey showed Thursday.

I am not surprised. I have never seen so much WWII-inspired entertainment and so many Nazi Uniforms on TV as during my last 2 weeks in the UK.

Lotus Notes à Paris

by Volker Weber

Nous recherchons un formateur Lotus Notes pour tenir une session de formation de mise à jour de Notes 5.0 à 6.5 d'une durée minimum de 2 jours. Cette formation devra se tenir entre le 30 août et le 2 septembre à Paris. Pour tout renseignement contactez Wolfgang Schwerber.

[Merci, Claude]

Microsoft '04 similar to IBM '87?

by Volker Weber

Peter points us to an interesting analysis in ACM Ubiquity. I had a good laugh when reading this:

I recently attended a presentation of a Microsoft strategy for a particular market - worth about $1b - where the company's particular strategy was outlined. And, touch wood, it was just like being back at IBM, with long lists of blue squares with incomprehensible four-letter acronyms, assurances that Microsoft had products or at least standards for every conceivable use, and an implied promise that "nobody has been fired for buying Microsoft." I caught myself looking round for 3270 terminals.

Aside from this chuckle, there is a lot of thought in this piece that I concur with.

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It was about time

by Volker Weber


Allow me...

by Ragnar Schierholz

... to introduce myself.

My name is Ragnar Schierholz, some people call me 'raschi'. So may you...

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by Volker Weber


Plan today, fly tomorrow. Welcome back to the real world. Sigh.

While we are taking screenshots, how do I redeem the $85020 ? :-)

Navigating Scotland

by Volker Weber

When we arrived at Edinburgh airport, we picked up a car from Hertz. Now it was time to solve three problems. All at the same time:

1. How to drive while sitting on the right side of the car.
2. Driving on the left side of the road.
3. Finding our way to the Glenallan.

I had to pick up task #1, Ute #3 and together we mastered #2. At this point it was really helpful to have a navigator.

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Can't get it out of my head

by Volker Weber

I watched the Bourne Supremacy today. Now I can't get Moby out of my head. :-)


by Volker Weber

How to sell a 128 MB memory key for only 179.99.

Three new envelopes everyone, please

by Volker Weber

Al Zollar replacing Robert LeBlanc as General Manager Tivoli, who is replacing John Swainson as General Manager WebSphere, who is replacing Donn Atkins as Top Sales Executive, who is replacing Mike Borman as head of Business Partner Program, who is replacing Al Zollar as head of the iSeries business, who is replacing Robert LeBlanc as ...

Ooops. Somebody terminate this loop for me please.

New editor at vowe's magic flying circus

by Volker Weber

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome our new fellow editor Ragnar Schierholz, who has frequently commented here already. We are happy to have him on board.

Mann, Mann, Mann

by Volker Weber

Jeder hat wohl gestern gelesen, dass die Telekom ein Business Portal vom Netz genommen hat. Aber trotzden sollte man sich die Zeit nehmen, die ganze Geschichte zu lesen.


Now, where was Germany again?

by Volker Weber


[Thanks, Marc-Oliver]

Volker, Your ideal job is a Hypnotist

by Volker Weber

What is your ideal job?

New group-blog

by Volker Weber

Bob Balaban alerts me that Amy Blumenfield, Karen Hobert, Peter O'Kelly, Rocky Oliver and himself have started a new blog at 3c-InterOp. Good luck, folks! I think blogs by several authors are generally a good idea if you all agree to post on a regular basis.

Added to my blog roll.

Wrapping up

by Volker Weber

Here is a shortlist of the B&Bs we stayed in:

The numbers in square brackets correspond to those on the map. The route on the map has more stops than necessary in an effort to better map the actual route we drove. Still not perfect, but close enough.

Glenallan, Craiglinnhe, Roskhill and Bracadale were historic houses with beautiful rooms and excellent service. Ptarmigan and Loch Roag were new houses that were OK, but had nothing special. Ardsaile was the place that made us feel at home with nice hosts, a very quiet and remote location, and the best bed we had on the whole trip. So we stayed there for three days since we could not find accomodation in Durness.

By far the best place we stayed in was the Old Mill [22]. But that is not available to you. :-)

The Beagle has landed

by Volker Weber

Snoopy has landed safely in vowe's magic flying circus. We can now return to our regular program.


by Volker Weber

Aus der Reihe "Wie erkennt man einen Fehler (nicht)". Heute auf meinem Anrufbeantworter:

  1. Anruf 17:26
  2. Anruf 17:37
  3. Anruf 17:43
  4. Anruf 17:54
  5. Anruf 17:57

Still in Scotland

by Volker Weber


Last night Maggi and Nick took us to the Kinnaird Estate for dinner. This must have been one of the most wonderful places we have ever been to. The food was excellent, the service exceptional and it was a very pleasant evening.

This Land

by Ken Porter

For those of you who have not been following the US Presidential race, here's a short movie that will introduce you to the candidates. :-)

The "This Land" movie is 3.7MB.

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The results are in!

by Esther Schindler

For the worst-opening-sentence awards, that is:

This year's winner for intentionally-bad prose:

She resolved to end the love affair with Ramon tonight . . . summarily, like Martha Stewart ripping the sand vein out of a shrimp's tail . . . though the term "love affair" now struck her as a ridiculous euphemism . . . not unlike "sand vein," which is after all an intestine, not a vein . . . and that tarry substance inside certainly isn't sand . . . and that brought her back to Ramon.

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Greetings from Eyre on Skye

by Volker Weber


We are having a wonderful lunch at Linda and Mark Smith's house on Skye. That is Mark of Information Patterns. Here is a view from their house. Living and working in paradise, how's that? :-)

Update 22. July: Again uploaded new pictures.

Gone fishing

by Volker Weber


Pictures will go here. Don't expect updates on vowe.net from me any time soon. See you on the other side.

I can be reached by phone at +44-7731-901890.

Outlook is not too bad

by Volker Weber


There is a reason that Scotland is so green. So I was expecting lots of rain. At least for the next few days the outlook is not too bad. I was also interested to to learn when it would be getting dark in the evening. Because BBC lists sunrise and sunset right along the weather forecast, I was really surprised to see how much more daylight you get as you go further north:

Stornoway: Sunrise 4:36, Sunset 22:24
Edinburgh: Sunrise 4:40, Sunset 21:55

That is a 33 minutes difference. Amazing.


by Volker Weber

Capt. Hajo hat mal wieder einen haarsträubenden Vorfall zu berichten:

Um 21:39:26 Uhr kam es auf der Süd-Piste 08R des Flughafens München zur Annäherung zwischen der aufgerollten ATR42 und der zur gleichen Zeit gelandeten B737. Die B737 passierte auf der rechten Seite der Piste die ATR42. Nach Aussage der Besatzung der B737 befand sich die ATR42 mit dem Bug und der rechten Tragflügelspitze in Höhe der Mittellinie. Der Abstand der beiden Flugzeuge beim Passieren betrug ca.10 m. Nach Angabe der Besatzung hatte die B737 eine Geschwindigkeit von ca 110 kt.

Quelle: Bundesstelle für Flugunfalluntersuchung, Unfälle und schwere Störungen beim Betrieb ziviler Luftfahrzeuge, Bulletin Mai 2004

MMS ab August bezahlbarer

by Volker Weber

Warum haben die Carrier so viel Geld in Mobiltelefone mit Kamera investiert? Ganz einfach: Weil sie sich ein Geschäft mit übertragenen Fotos erwartet haben. Bei Preisen von 1,49 EUR pro Nachricht — wir erinnern uns, das waren mal drei Mark — hat das aber kaum ein Kunde mehr als ein, zwei Mal gemacht. Also: Hohe Anfangsinvestitionen, hohe Preise, nichts verkauft, kein Umsatz, kein Gewinn. Was kann man da machen? Lassen wir mal das Marketing blubbern:

"Mit einem einheitlich günstigen MMS Preis setzt T-Mobile erneut einen Meilenstein im Mobilfunkmarkt“, erklärt Martin Knauer, Geschäftsführer Marketing von T-Mobile Deutschland.

Will meinen, ab 1. August und bis zum 31. Dezember kostet eine MMS 39 Cent. Von T-Mobile, egal wohin. Das ist immer noch 'ne Menge Geld, aber wenigstens vorhersehbar.


by Volker Weber

Interesting personal.

Weird link of the day department

by Volker Weber


This is obviously useless, but great fun. As Sebastian Krauß has pointed out, there is a ASCII Movie Player Sample available at Apple's developer site. And indeed, it does work. :-)

It's sad

by Volker Weber

Groove Networks is obviously getting ready to release their third generation of the product. Hugh is talking about lots of features on his weblog, the hosting services will be upgraded at the weekend of the 17th. The company has been working on this rewrite for years. Looks like they are ready to jump now.

And I am so unexcited, that it's sad.

I had to think for a while to find out why I am so unexcited. And it somehow revolves around the fact that Groove is an island. And that island is now very distant. Three things are killing it for me:

1. It only runs on Windows.
2. It's a proprietary closed system.
3. You need to install a fat client.

All these things are necessary for Groove Networks. And I know that there are workarounds like "Web services" and PopG. I just can't get excited about workarounds. My world is different:

1. I work with Mac OS, Windows and Linux (in this order).
2. I like open systems.
3. I work with people who are not allowed to install software.

I believe in the power of collaboration. And email is simply not enough. So I would love to use a product like Groove. But I can't. Or I could, but I wouldn't.


by Volker Weber

What a great idea: Music videos converted to ASCII and MIDI.


by Volker Weber


Als ob ich nicht schon genug Taschen hätte. :-)

A few things I learned at palmOne Solutions World, Part 2

by Volker Weber

Ich habe ein großes Faible für Leute, die sich gut auskennen. Motto: Mehr Sein als Schein. Heute habe ich mehrere solche Leute kennen gelernt, und ich will einmal einen herausheben: Andreas Voigt von vivomobile. Ich habe selten jemanden getroffen, der mehr über PDAs weiss. Und dabei habe ich gelernt, dass vivomobile PDAs auch repariert, und das zu viel interessanteren Konditionen als etwa palmOne oder Sony. Wo etwa palmOne pauschal 180 EUR für die Instandsetzung eines defektes Displays haben will, gibt es dort eine Reparatur ab 50 Euro.

A few things I learned at palmOne Solutions World, Part 1

by Volker Weber

Since I have worked with two mobile navigation systems over the weekend, I was really eager to talk to lots of people about my own experience, and learn from the experts what they think. Here are some takes:

1. Everybody seems to agree that the Fortuna Clip-On Bluetooth GPS is currently the best device. It runs off a standard Nokia battery (yes, you can swap it yourself) for more than 8 hours straight. I have been told that it gets a quick fix even under very bad conditions and that it generally gets more sat signals than all other devices.

2. My initial judgement that the TomTom Navigator software is the most mature package in the marketplace is shared by almost everybody else. However I also learned that Falk and the people behind DigiMap are very responsive, which makes them good partners to work with.

3. There was lots of talk about the new TomTom Go device (german/english). In Germany it is currently only available through MediaMarkt for 799 EUR. This is the device to get if you are looking for a self contained mobile car navigation system. As this was a palmOne-only event, it was not on display obviously but the navigation people were really excited about it.

4. A Tungsten T3 still has a big honkin' screen. :-)

Can this madness be stopped?

by Volker Weber

It is not only that you are treating your visitors as crimimals, taking finger prints and pictures.

Tonight in LA, the L.A. Press Club hosts a panel about how LAX border guards have been stopping European and Australian reporters at the airport, cuffing and searching them, and shipping them back home, for failing to have a previously undemanded Journalist Visa.

Your country is losing a peace.

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Weird plugs

by Volker Weber


Yes, there is a country, where the plugs are larger than the power supplies. :-)

Blah blah blah

by Volker Weber

xxxxx xxxxxx will be out of the office starting 02.07.2004 and will not return until 11.07.2004.

I will respond to your message when I return.


Diese E-Mail enthaelt vertrauliche oder rechtlich geschuetzte Informationen. Wenn Sie nicht der beabsichtigte Empfaenger sind, informieren Sie bitte sofort den Absender und loeschen Sie diese E-Mail. Das unbefugte Kopieren dieser E-Mail oder die unbefugte Weitergabe der enthaltenen Informationen ist nicht gestattet.

The information contained in this message is confidential or protected by law. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender and delete this message. Any unauthorised copying of this message or unauthorised distribution of the information contained herein is prohibited.

How often do we have to hit corporate blockheads over the head until they either learn or die?

Gearing up

by Volker Weber

Isn't it amazing how much gear I am packing these days for just two people/two weeks? One iBook, one iPod, two smart phones, two digicams and a GPS receiver, power supplies and cables for all of them. That is seven power supplies alone.

And since this is supposed to be a vacation, I leave a lot behind that I would throw into the bag otherwise. Like an access point, a bridge, a voice recorder and such.

No, I do not want a video camera.

How useful is this really?

by Volker Weber

How useful is this really?

Yes, I can post from a PDA. But would I want to? This looks very much like a solution without a problem. ;-)

[Posted from palmOne Tungsten T3]

Blogging from your Palm OS handheld

by Volker Weber

Martijn points me to HBlogger:

HBlogger is blogging client for Palm OS devices. It gives you completely new way to blog. You can send your posts while you are at the road. If interesting thought or observation occurred to you, for example, at the bus on the way to work — just jot it down to blogger and post immediately or save as draft to review and post later.

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by Volker Weber


Morgen ist mal wieder Zeit, Leute anzufassen, mit denen man sonst das halbe Jahr lang nur telefoniert und Mails austauscht. Ich freu mich drauf.

WebSphere Community Conference in Leipzig

by Volker Weber

Businesss Approach, Application Development und Systemmanagement sind die Themenbereiche der diesjährigen WebSphere-Konferenz der DNUG, COMMON und GWUG. In diesem Rahmen greifen Keynotes und Diskussionsangebote Trends und Strategien zu WebSphere auf und behandeln spezielle Fragen der iSeries- und Notes/Domino-Anwender. Die Konferenz findet am 20. und 21. September 2004 im Renaissance Leipzig Hotel statt.

DNUG = Deutsche Notes User Group e.V.
COMMON = COMMON Deutschland e.V.
GWUG = German WebSphere User Group

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Talk & Blog

by Volker Weber

BlogTalk 2.0 - observations from vowe's magic flying circus:

Palm Navigationssysteme

by Volker Weber

Ich teste gerade zwei mobile Navigationssysteme für Palm Handhelds und stelle hier die ersten Eindrücke nach einem Tag intensiver Nutzung dar. Hat jemand vielleicht eigene Erfahrungen, die er beisteuern könnte?

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Glen, Glen Glen Glen

by Volker Weber


Und das soll ein Paketdienst sein

by Volker Weber

Hier ist die Aufgabe:

Finde heraus, wo das DHL-Paket mit der Nummer 214846089899 ist. Zum Vergleich: Bei Fedex steht das auf der Startseite.

New iMac in two months

by Volker Weber

Apple says:

Apple has stopped taking orders for the current iMac as we begin the transition from the current iMac line to an all-new iMac line which will be announced and available in September. We planned to have our next generation iMac ready by the time the inventory of current iMacs runs out in the next few weeks, but our planning was obviously less than perfect. We apologize for any inconvenience to our customers.

Finally Apple does not beat around the bush but tells it as it is.

OK, plants need water too

by Volker Weber


Testing IGetMail

by Volker Weber

I can tolerate some errors for quite a while, but the Pullmail issues with malformed spam headers was a bit too much, especially since I will be away from my server for a while soon. I need a fix now, since I don't want to make any last minute changes before I walk out of the door.

There is actually a couple of programs who do the trick of retreiving messages from POP3 accounts and then delivering them to an SMTP host in a new envelope. Most of them do not advertize the fact that they work with Lotus Domino and instead target Exchange customers.

I looked at a number of them and then decided to try IGetMail. It is one of the least expensive packages in the round-up. Setup is very easy as it walks you through a wizard interfaces which lets you check connectivity while you are configuring the POP3 and SMTP servers. Towards the end of the wizard you hit this screen:


Please note, that IGetMail has exactly the feature I was looking for: Discard messages that it cannot download. A very smart feature which shows that those guys know what they are doing.

Would it be OK to Cancel?

by Volker Weber


This is the message you get when you abort a new message in Domino Web Access, the artist formerly known as iNotes Web Access. Whoever designs these messages, and is there any usability review whatsoever?

It would not even be acceptable to ask "Do you want to cancel this message?" and to provide the options Yes and No. This is how you do it:


Yes, all messages in Mac OS work this way. Thanks, Ragnar, for reminding me.

Malformed message headers block my message queue

by Volker Weber

Since Domino is unable to collect mail from POP3 mailboxes, I am retrieving my mail from a number of mailboxes and deliver them to the SMTP router with NT Pullmail. This has worked very well for years. In an effort to fight the ever increasing amount of spam I have included SpamPal into this loop, which does a good job of marking spam messages so they can be sorted out by Domino.

However, I am seeing an increasing number of malformed spam messages that look like this:


The FROM address is malformed. It should be "David Young" <HJYXke715DpAIKe@alpha4.ct.astro.it>. NT Pullmail has trouble understanding the header and aborts with this error:

501 Syntax error, parameters in command "MAIL FROM: <"David>" unrecognized or missing

The message is not retrieved and is stuck in the queue. Every subsequent fetch will hit the same roadblock.

Does anybody have a suggestion? Either a more robust POP retriever or a Spam Filter that will remove the spam on the server?

Slightly overdressed?

by Volker Weber


I guess, not.

Play the iTMS lottery

by Volker Weber

Apple will sell its 95th million song on the iTMS tomorrow. And starting from there every 100.000 songs they will give away a 20 gig iPod.

If you are lucky and buy the 100.000.000th song in the iTMS, you will receive a 17 inch PowerBook, a 40 gig iPod and a gift certificate for 10.000 songs to fill up the iPod.

Wen wundert es ...

by Volker Weber

... daß der Herr Ronaldo gerne mal sein Hemd auszieht?

Neues vom Hottschpott

by Volker Weber

Wie haben gerade John und Jeanne zu Besuch. Die kurven durch Süddeutschland. Als T-Mobile Kunden in USA (Wireless Flatrate $29.99/Monat) würden sie gerne die T-Mobile/T-Com Hotspots nutzen. Also suchen wir mal einen:

Der Location Finder, das HotSpot Overlay für dein PDA und die Auskunft der T-Com unter 11 8 33* sagen dir, wo´s lang geht.

Der "Location Finder" ist eine eher schlechte als rechte Webanwendung. Man braucht also bereits einen Hotspot, um einen Hotspot zu finden. Das "Hotspot Overlay" läuft nicht etwa auf einem PC sondern nur auf Windows PDA mit einem Routenplaner. Die Auskunft schliesslich ist nicht wirklich praktisch für jemanden, der kein Deutsch spricht.

Ist bestimmt furchtbar schwierig eine einfache Textdatei zu machen, die man herunterladen könnte und dann auf dem Notebook dabei hat.

Kurzer Prozess

by Volker Weber

SpOn berichtet:

Nach der Landung ließ der Entführer eine der Türen öffnen und forderte eine Gangway an. Nachdem fast dreißig Minuten vergangen waren, griff Ali Altan ein: Mit einem kräftigen Stoß beförderte der junge Besitzer eines Imbissladens den Geiselnehmer aus dem Flugzeug. Burhan B. stürzte sechs Meter in die Tiefe und brach sich mehrere Knochen. Die Polizei konnte den Mann problemlos überwältigen.

Bin ja mal gespannt, was das noch für ein Nachspiel hat. Reicht der Notwehrparagraph? Was wäre, wenn sich der Entführer das Genick gebrochen hätte?


by Volker Weber

Heute morgen nun, inmitten der Schar entschieden lustlos aussehender Anhänger des Büromittelmaßes, in der ich mich bewege wie ein Fisch im Wasser, drei drängelnde junge Haie, was zu verstehen ist als drei junge Männer in etwas zu eleganten Anzügen und mit etwas zu flotten Brillengestellen, die etwas zu deutlich ganz dringend etwas werden wollen.

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by Volker Weber


Whom would Jesus spam?

by Volker Weber

We've got a new kind of spammer at vowe's magic flying circus:


Luckily there are some good triggers for the ol' spamfilter in there.

Ceterum censeo ...

by Volker Weber

Sehr nett gesagt:

Als Vorsichtsmaßnahmen kommen auch hier wieder diejenigen Schritte in Frage, die man beim notorisch löchrigen MSIE ohnehin grundsätzlich befolgen sollte: Nur vertrauenswürdige Websites besuchen; keinen Links auf nicht absolut vertrauenswürdigen Websites folgen; zweifelhafte Links nicht anklicken, sondern abtippen; Active Scripting deaktivieren, etc. pp. Den gebetsmühlenartig wiederholten Verweis auf mögliche Browser-Alternativen schenken wir uns für diese Meldung.

Ich befürchte, das wird der Redakteur noch häufiger schreiben müssen. Nicht, weil der IE so viele Löcher hat, sondern weil die meisten Menschen erst aus Schaden klug werden.

Dass Ottonormaluser das nicht mitkriegt, ist durchaus normal, aber das Beharrungsvermögen einiger anderer Kadetten macht mich schon manchmal fassungslos.

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