November 2008

Do you find anything unusual with this calculator?

by Volker Weber


Here is a hint.

More Storm updates

by Volker Weber

Less than two hours after posting my Storm update, there was a new package in my inbox:


That's a good thing, since I was not too impressed by 0.70. I am hearing good things about the Verizon update 0.75 so this 0.76 drop should be better. Installing now:


That went smoothly:


More after I played a bit with the new firmware. The Vodafone device came without any wallpapers. This turns out to ge a good source:


Push Notifications Coming in iPhone 2.2.1? Not yet.

by Volker Weber claims that they have seen iPhone 2.2.1 Beta 1 and that it implements Push notifications as well as over-the-air MobileMe syncing with Notes support.

Before you get too excited: Notes, not Lotus Notes. See the screenshot.

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Ask the Boy Genius and he will say it ain't so.

[Thanks, Julien]

It's "Make your own caption" time

by Volker Weber


Storm updates

by Volker Weber

Good news first: Ute expected to not like the on-screen keyboard, but she is doing fine with it. The bigger screen makes it easier to read long messages, and you can move from message to message by swiping horizontally. The iPhone does not let you do that.

Bad news: I hate the screen keyboard. Same as with the SureType, I am constantly thinking about typing instead of what I want to write. A real keyboard just does what it needs to do, the screen keyboard needs attention. I also prefer the iPhone keybaord that I use with the index finger tapping on the screen over the Storm keyboard that I have to press hard with my thumbs.

These settings seem to improve the experience a bit and a few people have started stuffing the body with paper. Thanks to Abdelkader and Jacqueline for the tips.

Some people report that the accelerometer is slow to engage. For me it's actually a bit too nervous. It often rotates the screen when I don't want it to. What I think those people report is the overall sluggishness. The Storm sometimes goes into meditation to figure something out and then comes back. There is no hourglass to indicate this state.

The german description would be "Weder Fisch noch Fleisch" (neither fish nor meat). I keep thinking that bothh the Bold and the iPhone are better.

There is a new firmware floating around on the Internets under the name of 9500-100-OMADRM-All.exe which contains 9500-v4.7.0.70_P4.0.0.89:


Since this is not a public release it will phone home with status mails, unless you remove RIMInternalTools:


I don't care. Maybe it helps RIM find errors in the firmware.

iPhone Sonos controller fixed for 2.2

by Volker Weber

Be sure to update. There is now version 2.71 in the store.

The Storm has arrived

by Volker Weber

BlackBerry Bold and Storm

It only took a gentle reminder and today DHL delivered a small box to my door. It contained the retail package for the Vodafone BlackBerry Storm. The package was open, so I am not sure whether RIM attached a screen protection or whether that comes will all devices. I suspect it is standard, since the rest of the adhesives did not cover the touch screen.

As you know, my expectations are not high, but I am very, very curious. What I can say from the fist few hours is that typing is frustrating. Especially if you use more than one language. The camera is as useless as on the Curve. BUT: It's not as bad as David suggests.

The Storm is not a bPhone. It requires some time to get acquainted. I will give it a week or so. The Bold has been decommissioned and I am going to use the Storm full time.

Some quick facts: No Wi-Fi, 3G, 3.5mm headphones socket, microUSB socket like the 8900, feels very solid, better than all other BlackBerrys including the Bold. Sometimes very slow to react to inputs from the screen, the buttons or the motion sensor.

Impression so far: great hardware, software needs at least another three months to complete. This is neither a BlackBerry nor an iPhone.

Tires good for one run

by Volker Weber


[Thanks, Richard]

Update your BlackBerry device software

by Volker Weber


Go into Option/About on your BlackBerry. If it does not say, you may be running outdated device software. Point Internet Explorer to and let RIM check your device. 4.5 or later is so much better than 4.1 or 4.2 that you won't regret investing a bit of time. After the upgrade you will finally have a browser that can display web pages. :-)

No Storm at vowe's magic flying circus

by Volker Weber

While RIM usually send the latest gear right away, I have not received a Storm. And last week I met a fellow journalist from a news service who just got his. I think I have an idea why RIM did not send one. Read David's scathing report.

Update: Incoming message from RIM. Device is en route.

On heavy rotation

by Volker Weber


Gut für den Kunden - einfach ein gutes Produkt ohne Fußangeln

by Volker Weber

Jens-Christian Fischer hat ein Buch geschrieben: Professionelle Webentwicklung mit Rails 2.0. Und das kann man jetzt auch als PDF kaufen, in der einzig vernünftigen Form:

Wir glauben nicht an DRM, undruckbare PDFs und ähnliche Dinge, die es ehrlichen Käufern schwer machen. Deshalb erhalten Sie beim Kauf dieses Buches eine ungeschützte, frei les- und druckbare Version des Buches. Selbstverständlich unterliegt die Datei dem üblichen Copyright

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HP 12C widget for Mac Dashboard

by Volker Weber


Le calendrier 2009 d'Aubade est arrivé

by Volker Weber


[Thanks, Boudewijn]

Low Flying in Wales

by Volker Weber

[Thanks, Hajo]

Porsche releases Panamera photos

by Volker Weber

I like the design. And the picture hardly does it justice since it looks much better on the road. As with many expensive cars, I would not buy one, but I am happy that others do so that I can look at them. ;-)

iPhone/iPod 2.2 breaks Sonos Controller

by Volker Weber


After upgrading your iPhone or iPod touch to firmware 2.2 you will no longer be able to control the volume of your Sonos players from the remote. You can tap the slider, but you can't slide it. Mute/unmute works, as (obviously) do the buttons on the players themselves. According to Sonos an update of the controller software should be available shortly. Frustrating App Store process I presume.

Update: Fixed per 29 Nov 08

Kommentar: Der Dumme ist, wer arbeitet und Steuern zahlt

by Volker Weber

Nichts von alledem wurde auch nur ernsthaft diskutiert.

Und schon gar nicht eine Senkung der Einkommensteuer. Dies wurde mit der größtmöglichen Debattenkeule erschlagen: dem Argument der Gerechtigkeit. Eine Senkung der Einkommensteuer sei ungerecht, weil davon nur jene etwas haben, die überhaupt Steuern zahlen. Das geht natürlich nicht. Was aber immer geht, ist, dass der Staat das Geld jener einsammelt, die arbeiten und überhaupt Steuern zahlen, um es dann auszugeben.

Gerecht ist das jedenfalls nicht automatisch. Und es ist auch nicht wirksam.

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New Sonos group on

by Volker Weber


Just saw this in my profile. Not sure how useful it is, but if you use Sonos and you may want to join the group.

I am currently stalking Alex. I just love the music he listens to:


Updates from vowe's Apple zoo

by Volker Weber


Amazing Head Tracking

by Volker Weber

Google syncs address book to BlackBerrys

by Volker Weber


Looks like I no longer have to wait for a Mac desktop sync from RIM.

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Goodie Bag: I Love Progress Bars

by Volker Weber

Use scripts to improve install process for Lotus Notes

by Volker Weber

For those of us who must use Lotus Notes (LN) on Mac OS X, it is the bane of our existence. The installer is basically broken, and it's not configured for multi-user setup. But today, all that changes! I have devised a series of procedures to make LN easier to install, and also to make it "multi-user aware." These notes are known to work with LN 7.0.3, but may work with any R7 flavor, and may be able to be altered for 6.5.6, which is the last 6.5x version for OS X.

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[Thanks, Tobias]

Weihnachtsmüll von Microsoft

by Volker Weber


Schaut so aus, als ob Microsoft jetzt den Presseverteiler an die Müllschleuder verfüttert. Toole Idee. Wenn man den Müll nicht haben will, dann darf man sein Profil bearbeiten. Dumm nur, wenn man gar keins angelegt hat.

Google sei Dank muss man sich damit nicht rumschlagen.


Nokia extends IBM Lotus email access to 80 million mobile phones

by Volker Weber

Espoo, Finland and Armonk, NY, USA - Nokia and IBM today announced IBM Lotus Notes support for a number of Nokia's S60-based mobile phones, meaning that millions of Lotus Notes users are now able to access email with their Nokia devices. ... With this announcement, more than 80 million people - the number of Nokia S60 3rd Edition devices shipped globally - can connect to corporate email accounts via Lotus Domino Server software known as Lotus Notes Traveler. This software provides real time access to email, calendar, address book, journal and to-do list data and will be available for Nokia devices in December 2008.

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Warning: new MacBooks & BlackBerry

by Volker Weber

If you sync your BlackBerry with a Mac, read this before buying a new MacBook. Here is your reason why a BlackBerry will not be my favorite mobile until RIM gets their act together on Mac support.

Foldershare, R.I.P.

by Volker Weber

Foldershare icon

In December, we plan to announce a product called Windows Live Sync. You can think of it as FolderShare 2.0. It's going to look familiar and offer the same great features, plus: [...]

A huge part of Sync's success story depends on FolderShare users like you. When Sync releases, FolderShare goes into retirement. That means your FolderShare software will stop working and will ask you to upgrade to Sync. Once you do, Sync will automatically rebuild your personal folders. We expect a lot of new users when Sync is released, so if you can't sign in right away, please give it a little time.

I was good while it lasted. Foldershare, built by ByteTaxi was the best way to sync files between Macs and PCs, without requiring any cloud storage. It would sync files and folders peer-to-peer. After Microsoft acquired ByteTaxi, they never got around to update the Mac client, and even after years it was working just great.

It was good while it lasted.

In true Microsoft style, the announcement goes on:

Here's the part you need to pay attention to: Sync will not be able to rebuild your shared libraries. If you have a lot of shared libraries, you should hop over to the FolderShare website while it's still available and copy all that information. You'll need it to rebuild your shared libraries in Sync.

Not be able? Puleeze. You did not really care. Why would you not be able to rebuild them? Because this feature will no longer exist? Or because you where to lazy to build the converter? It does not matter to me since I never stored any files there.

Thanks for being a FolderShare user! We're excited about delivering an even better file-synchronization experience to customers like you. We hope you'll come along as we move forward with Windows Live Sync.

I am sure you are excited. Should I be?

Collaborative editing

by Volker Weber

David writes: is very slick. Collaborative editing (like SubEthaEdit) in the browser.

Indeed >

Doc Scrubber cleans your Word document

by Volker Weber

Microsoft Word (.DOC) files can contain more than just text you see while editing them. Depending on the settings or features you use, they may contain all kinds of additional information that you may not want shared outside your home or company. Doc Scrubber lets you see that information, and scrub it from files before sending them to others.

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by Volker Weber

When I switched on my computer this morning, I was reminded of this scene. (Not sure if it works for Americans, though.) My screen was full of instant messages because of this comment:


The yellow bubble seems to be a bit nervous in the build-up for Lotusphere. May I remind everybody, that you are only shooting at yourself, if you punish disagreement?

Apple TV: First impressions

by Volker Weber


I am very late to this game. The Apple TV has been out for a long time, but I never got to play with it for a simple reason: I did not have a TV to connect it to. That has changed last week, so it was time to give it a go.

Management summary: I am not impressed.

My expectations were not very high. I would have been happy with a stand-alone FrontRow equivalent. That is a simple interface to all your media, and it ships with every Mac. As you add more codecs to Quicktime you get access to more media, since FrontRow just makes the files in your home folder accessible.

Apple TV is different. It is an iTunes client. Whatever is in iTunes can be played. Version 1 had to sync content to the local disk, version 2 is somewhat smarter since it also can stream content over the network. It syncs from one iTunes library, but it can stream from up to five. However, I cannot connect it to my ReadyNAS iTunes library since it requires a handshake where I have to enter a number at the other end. To iTunes, the Apple TV is a device like the iPod, and not another iTunes instance.

As you can see above, the Apple TV has a USB port. But you can't just plug a thumbdrive in there and expect to play the content. This already requires an extensive hack. I don't want to go into all the details, but it was a time consuming effort with a lot of trial and error.

After a couple of hours I finally have the Apple TV on the same level of service that I enjoyed on my EVA. Time to watch some movies.

From the short experience I have had with the device I can honestly say that it feels very much underpowered. And it has no feedback when it's busy. You can see it registering remote commands, but nothing happens. Often for a minute or so.

I know a couple of people who bought an Apple TV as a Sonos replacement. And I pity you. :-)

This movie cannot be played

by Volker Weber


This movie cannot be played because you paid for it.

Repeat after me: DRM is bad for the customer.

Google voice search for iPhone finally out

by Volker Weber

And look what I got for "120 Dollars in Euro":


Heilmann bedauert (sich)

by Volker Weber

Heise berichtet:

Der Bundestagsabgeordnete Lutz Heilmann (Die Linke) hat sein Vorgehen gegen bedauert. "Ich habe zu kurz gedacht und die Folgen nicht überschaut", sagte Heilmann der taz (Dienstagsausgabe).

Wetten, der meint die Folgen für ihn, und nicht die Folgen für die Wikipedia-Nutzer?

IT and Business

by Volker Weber


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Texten ist schwierig

by Volker Weber

Aus einer Einladung, über die ich mich sehr freue:

Feiern, Essen, Trinken, Lachen und Tanzen Sie mit uns und verstehen Sie endlich, wie [Name der Firma] funktioniert.

Bisher waren wir zu blöd. Ich spendiere dafür ein paar Kleinbuchstaben: e t l t :-)

Who writes vowe dot net?

by Volker Weber


[Thanks, Alper]

Michael Sampson: "Hello, I'm an Angry PC"

by Volker Weber

A month ago Michael Sampson switched back to a PC and stated his reason: "Windows is better for business". What a difference a month makes:

You can't say that I didn't try, with all of the latest and greatest from Microsoft. In the final analysis, I have been less productive. Tasks have taken longer than they would have on the Mac. I have a machine I can't trust. And that can't go on. That reality is definitely NOT "better for business".

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It's "Make your own caption" time

by Volker Weber


[Photos Violante Fioravanti]

Pimp my Apple TV

by Volker Weber


Next week I want to give an Apple TV a chance to compete against my EVA. While the Atv shines at user interface design and iTunes integration, it will have a very hard time if I don't add some capabilities. Not everything but the kitchen sink, but I would like two features:

  1. play unsupported media from iTunes on my Mac across the network, especially DivX and Windows media
  2. play files from an SMB share, UPnP AV or Home Media Streaming Server

I would like to keep the Apple UI, just add the codecs and transports. Any Apple TV users out there who have done this?


by Volker Weber


Gestern gab es eine kleine Diskussion auf Twitter, welche Bildschirmgröße man zum Arbeiten braucht. These: kleine Bildschirme können auch besser sein, weil da weniger Platz für Ablenkung drauf ist. Auf einem 24-Zöller läuft auch mal das Fernsehen mit. Und das ist nicht die einzige Ablenkung. :-)


by Volker Weber

Feeling cranky? Just watch this for a bit.

[Thanks, Ed]

Apple updates Safari to 3.2 with anti-phishing features

by Volker Weber

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Apple fixes iPod nano 4G

by Volker Weber


Apple just released firmware 1.03 for the iPod nano 4G. Amongst added support for new Apple gear and bug fixes, there is one item which solves a major annoyance. While you could switch off the motion sensor to keep it from shuffling your playlist, you can now also switch off the feature that takes you into coverflow when tilting the device, which made the device pretty useless while laying on your side, where the orientation is already turned 90 degrees. :-)

With the orientation sensor switched off completely the 4G behaves much more like the 3G, which I still prefer.

On heavy rotation: Jazzanova - Of All The Things

by Volker Weber


BlackBerry Curve 8900

by Volker Weber

BlackBerry Curve 8900

The Javelin has landed at vowe's magic flying circus late last week. I was having high expectations for this device, but I was sadly disappointed. I was expecting a Mini-Bold, but the new Curve does not come close enough.

Good news first. The display has 480x360 pixels, 40 lines more than the Bold. It is smaller and even crisper. Side by side I find the Bold display more appealing, but if you don't hold both at the same time, you could not tell the difference. People who loved the Curve keyboard will like this one as well. Personally, I prefer the Bold keyboard. The new black trackball feels tighter. We will see how well it behaves over time.

The 8900 comes with GPS and Wi-Fi, but not with 3G. It's a quad band (850/900/1800/1900) class 10 EDGE devices. This works well on the T-Mobile network in Germany (and they are coming out with this device) but not so well on the other networks I use. Standby is rated at 356 hours or 330 minutes of talk time. Suits me well, and is more than the Bold does on 3.5G.

The 8900 is noticeably smaller and lighter than the Bold. Fits much better in a shirt pocket. Its camera lens is not recessed, so it's easier to keep clean. Resolution goes up from 2 MP to 3.2 MP.

BlackBerry Curve 8900

Now for the bad news. The 3.2 MP autofocus camera is completely useless. Two seconds (2 seconds!) shutter lag. Press the trackball and get a completely different picture from what you framed. Until you notice you are more likely to shoot your foot than what you were aiming at. The camera does video but only at 240x160. The really bad news is the Storm has the same camera. And it shows the same behaviour. People assume it will be fixed by the time the device is released, but I am not holding my breath. RIM would have fixed this before releasing the 8900 if possible.

The SDHC slot is under the battery door. While the battery does not have to be removed, it's very hard to swap the card. Do it without a table and you are likely to drop your memory card on the floor. Most people probably won't swap the card out often, so it may not matter.

I miss 3.5G when using the 8900. On the Bold, web pages load faster, software downloads are more swift, attachments come down faster. For regular mail it probably does not matter.

RIM is stepping down from miniUSB to microUSB so the device won't charge with the cables I have almost everywhere, including the power cable I have in my car. While the Bold has its USB port in the upper half of the device on the left side, the 8900 has the port in the lower right hand site. With a cable plugged in, I cannot type on it. Works like a charm on the Bold.

BlackBerry Curve 8900

Everything else pretty much comes down to personal preferences. I find the 8900 too flimsy. The back is really thin, and it gives a little bit when typing. It does not hold as well as the Vodafone 8310 that has 'rubberized' sides. The back is slippery, unlike the faux leather of the Bold.

The 8900 does not win the editor-refuses-to-give-it-back-award. Once I finish my review for c't, it goes straight back to RIM.

[Please consider voting in the sidebar for your favorite new BlackBerry.]

Google adds voice and video chat to GMail

by Volker Weber

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Frankfurt - Berlin

by Volker Weber

Zu den belustigenden Momenten in meinem Leben als Fernpendler zählt die regelmäßige Erkenntnis, daß man in Frankfurt relativ schlechtgekleidet in den Zug ein- und in Berlin relativ gutgekleidet wieder aus dem Zug aussteigen kann, ohne seine Kleidung wechseln zu müssen.

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[via Felix]

Does anybody really think this is normal?

by Volker Weber

DNUG runs a Lotus Connections site on Today I received a user name and a password. Thank you for that.

But frankly, I am really surprised that anybody would use that site. What ever I do, no page ever loads faster than 10 seconds, often taking more than 30. First thing I want to do is to change the password and the calendar preferences. I can't remember the password assigned to me, and my week does not start on a Sunday. There is no obvious place to change those settings. "Edit my profile" takes me to an error message, that I would like to recite:

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Location, location, location

by Bruce Elgort

As the old saying goes when purchasing real estate it's all about "location, location, location". Well Steve Jobs and his Apple Inc. retail stores are always very meticulous about where their retail outlets are located. One thing that I have noticed by shear accident and have since verified is that most Apple retail stores are directly next to Victoria's Secret women's fashion stores.

While this seems to be the case in the United States I wanted to reach out to a global audience to see where Apple places its retails stores in your country.

The store placement actually works quite well. Yesterday while I was shopping in the Apple store my wife headed over to Victoria's Secret. She does this no matter which Apple store we visit. I buy sexy computers and Apple gear while she buys sexy clothing.

Limited public preview of the Mac client for Live Mesh

by Volker Weber


I just signed in to and the preview was offered to me.

[Thanks, Peter]

DRM interrupts James Bond screening in Romania

by Volker Weber

According to Mediafax, a James Bond screening was interrupted at exactly 11pm when passwords for the digital projection expired.

Repeat after me: DRM is bad for the customer.

[Thanks, Stefan]

What if The Matrix ran on Windows

by Volker Weber

Schuppen Sorgen über die Qualität

by Volker Weber

Der Zweck dieser Mitteilung ist es, uns selbst als ein "Outsourcing"-Dienstleister, und bitten Sie um einen Termin zu vereinbaren. Wir sind fest davon überzeugt, dass durch die Heranziehung Outsourcing-Möglichkeiten mit uns, können Sie

1. Reduzieren Sie Ihre Projekt-Kosten auf rund 50%
2. Schuppen Sorgen über die Qualität.
3. Halten Sie sich mit Ihrem Projekt Fristen.

Klingt sehr überzeugend. Vor allem die Schuppen.

[Danke, Olaf]

Yosemite in 17 gigapixels

by Volker Weber


New poll: which BlackBerry could be your next?

by Volker Weber

Research in Motion has a strong lineup for this quarter. Four new devices, some of them yet unreleased. There are plenty of pictures of Javelin, the Curve successor on the net. At the BlackBerry developer conference RIM also previewed the Storm , which is supposed to ship later this month from Verizon and Vodafone.

If you are currently a BlackBerry user, I would like to know which your next device could be:

If you already have one of them you can also vote for it of course. :-) I also leave two more choices for those who are not getting a new one this year, or not in the foreseeable future.

The results:


Whiteboard PONG

by Volker Weber

[via Nicole]

Rick Astley Wins Best Act Ever

by Volker Weber

The fans show they're "Never Gonna Give (Him) Up"

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Supertooth ONE - connect two phones simultaneously

by Volker Weber


Supertooth just sent me a press release about their new handsfree kit. Unique selling point: you can connect two phones at the same time. This is brilliant, because it happens quite often that I am not alone in my car. Two seats, two phones, one kit. Their reasoning is of course different: connect both your private and business phone at the same time.

I have a Supertooth Voice which works just nicely. I have only one complaint: like most other Bluetooth accessories it flashes a blue LED when connected. And you don't want that in your car, at night, within your peripheral vision.

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Schade, Cyberport

by Volker Weber

Vorgestern habe ich eine Kleinigkeit bei Cyberport bestellt. Bei der Zahlung wurde als erste Option aufgezählt "Rechnung". Schön, dachte ich, das klingt fair. Gestern dann erhielt ich eine Mail mit den "Bedingungen" für diese Zahlungsart. Zweimal in einem Jahr "anders" bezahlen, und dann liefert Cyberport auch auf Rechnung. Da ich nicht so recht Lust hatte, meine Kreditkartendaten per unverschlüsselter Mail zu schicken, Vorkasse nicht in Frage kommt, "Sofortüberweisung" sowieso nicht wegen Verletzung der Bank-AGBs, Lastschrift nicht angeboten wird, habe ich noch mal freundlich angemerkt, dass ich mir schlechte Presse nicht leisten kann.

Es dauerte wieder einen Tag und heute bekomme ich dann Mail von einem anderen Mitarbeiter:


"Werter Herr Weber" - soso. Storniert. Schade, eigentlich mag ich die Firma.

It's "Make your own caption" time

by Volker Weber

Update: the bike has not been stolen. Today it leans against a different pole and in a silghtly different fashion. Looks like the lock works just fine. A few meters away there are real flag poles though.

TV-B-Gone freigegeben

by Volker Weber

Mitch Altman, der Erfinder von TV-B-Gone, einer Fernbedienung, mit der sich mehrere Fernsehgeräte mit einem Klick abschalten lassen, hat die Hardware als Open Source freigegeben.

Wer so was baut, baut mir bitte eins mit. :-)

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Use iTunes to buy MP3s from Amazon, avoiding tracks crippled with DRM

by Volker Weber

This is just great:

  1. Download and install Advantageous mp3. It is free of charge.
  2. Browse through the iTunes Store, just as usual. Or use iTunes Genius feature to find new music.
  3. When you find something you want, click on Get MP3 from Amazon in the iTunes Script Menu.
  4. Advantageous mp3 takes you to the artist's or album's Amazon MP3 site. You can buy the music DRM-free and in better quality.

More >

Repeat after me: DRM is bad for the customer.


by Volker Weber

thank you

Third time's a charm. "Yes we can" is better than "Be afraid". A lot. The Onion again has the best summary:

I will be back in January. And I sincerely hope that after years of everything getting worse, there will be the smell of change to the better in the air.

IBM Lotus Symphony 1.2 Mac available as public beta

by Volker Weber


Get it here >

Wanted to use it for a text I am just writing, but can't. Spellcheck with squiggly lines does not work for me, and this wobbling is driving me crazy:

This is what it looks like in 3. Much easier on the eyes:

Frankly, I prefer Microsoft Word:

Tough times

by Volker Weber


Flawed reasoning

by Volker Weber

Just read something from a very smart person, that I find deeply flawed:

The source of the data is the Radacati Group, and shows that Exchange has more downtime than Domino. I don't recall Radicati ever identifying a positive trait of IBM/Lotus Domino, so I'm willing to accept these numbers.

The consensus is that Radicati has no credibility at all. In that case the numbers are always bogus. You can't just pick the ones that are in your favor. If you do accept some numbers, you will have to accept them all.

Thriller (reprise a'cappella 64 pistes)

by Volker Weber

Peter Glaser: 25 Jahre c't - Nobody is Prefect

by Volker Weber

Laudatio zum 25-jährigen Jubiläum der Zeitschrift c’t, gehalten am 31.10.2008 in Hannover. Achtung, lang.


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Amazon bill

by Volker Weber


Sarah Got Pranked

by Volker Weber

Throughput on T-Mobile HSPA

by Volker Weber


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