July 2007

Storage upgraded

by Volker Weber

netgear rnd4225

vowe is a very happy camper. After 2.5 years the NSLU2 is being (semi-)retired. Two machines are busy moving hundreds of thousands of files from the slug to a Netgear RND4425, the artist formerly known as Infrant ReadyNAS+. The Netgear NAS will now be the main storage on vowe's magic flying circus. The NSLU2 is going to serve backup purposes.

The small Linksys device was inexpensive, open and extensible, but overall too slow, especially with large directories of small files. It did an excellent job at providing very low noise storage across the network, and I will continue to use it for this purpose. I overclocked it, added an iTunes and a uPnP server, but now it is going to be re-flashed with the regular firmware. It no longer needs any application server capabilities.

Netgear ReadyNas console

The Netgear storage comes with everything I need. It already contains an iTunes streaming server and a uPnP media server. I did not need to consult a manual to get it started and so far I am very impressed. Since I am currently moving loads of files on its disks, it is very busy and you can hear the fan. It's the loudest device in my office, almost like a regular PC.

readynas widget

Googlemail setup for Mail.app

by Volker Weber

Pieterjan has written a small program which lets you setup your Googlemail account in Mail.app:

It's Ideal for people that want to use Mail.app with their GMail account but can't be bothered how-to. Would you mind testing it to see if I overlooked anything?

Don't forget to enable POP3 access in Googlemail.

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Samsung starts rolling out the WM6 upgrade for the i600

by Volker Weber

i600 wm6

Not in german or english yet ...

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Damien: It Brings Me Music. Lots and Lots of Music.

by Volker Weber

Damien reviews his Sonos:

The hardware and the software feel like high-end equipment, more like Bose or Apple products than something you'd find at Target. It has a emphasis on simplicity and usability. My wife has had no problems using it and I've not needed to refer to the manual once. Not even during setup.

What can I say, I really like the Sonos system. I already want to get more Zone players. You can find cheaper systems, but you'll likely just end up frustrated and maybe even enraged.

Exactly what I say. Before you have them, you find the Sonos components expensive. After you get them, you just want more.

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iSync plugins for SonyEricsson smartphones

by Volker Weber

SonyEricsson has released plugins for the P990i, the P1i and the W950i. Find more plugins here >

[via mobile macs]

This is how to start a rumor

by Volker Weber


vowe on Facebook

by Volker Weber

Facebook on Nokia E90

Since I need to write a story about social networks soon, I added myself to Facebook and sent out a couple of invitations. If you like to add me as a friend, go ahead. I am not going to be discriminatory. ;-)

Latest PayPal phish

by Volker Weber

paypal phish

Lotus Notes and Citrix or WTS

by Volker Weber

Charles has written an excellent overview of Lotus Notes deployment on Windows Terminal Services and Citrix. My take-away: Notes 6 and 7 run just fine, but Notes 8 (Standard) will not.

I speculated about this issue 15 months ago, and it turns out that Notes 8 won't be supported on multiuser Windows environments. As far as I understand today, it won't even will run in the basic configuration (Classic Coke). The standard configuration (New Coke, Expeditor) is completely out of the question.

Who needs the RIAA

by Volker Weber


jamendo is a new model for artists to promote, publish, and be paid for their music.

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Today is SysAd Appreciation Day

by Volker Weber

Friday, July 27th, 2007, is the 8th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day. On this special international day, give your System Administrator something that shows that you truly appreciate their hard work and dedication.

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Xing tries to expand its US social network

by Volker Weber


Hey, what is this switch for?

by Volker Weber

We've now learned more about the outage at 365 Main's San Francisco datacenter that knocked some of the Web's most popular sites offline. The latest theory: An employee, reportedly drunk, hit the emergency-power-off switch in 365 Main's Colo 4 room.

Want to hire an operator with a drinking problem?

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[via Barry]

Update: Time and again it proves that good stories don't have to be true. :-)


by Volker Weber

Interesting comment:

This is for the IBM shareholders and accounts Department:
I am a customer.
My business depends on Lotus products.
I actively sought out this product: no one from IBM got around to trying to sell it.
However they did provide demonstrations insights and previews,
I decided to buy it.

Now I discover that Connections (note the name) doesn't connect to my other Lotus products,

Reading the exchange above it seems this was "planned" ...

One small piece of business less for IBM. Cash loss small to medium. credibility loss? This is not a marketing problem. Its not a technical problem. Its a bottom line problem.

I am trying to imagine a competitor coming out with a product that does not support its own database or directory.

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BlackBerry 8820 with Wi-Fi

by Volker Weber

RIM has finally released a BlackBerry with WLAN support. It looks and and acts exactly like the 8800, but it has a new icon in the status bar indicating whether you are connected to a wireless LAN. There is also a new application which lets you search for WLANs and join them:

8820 wifi

8820 wifi

8820 wifi

You can then save a profile and prioritize WLANs in the order you want the device to join them. It not only stores your credentials but will also let you login to public access points that you find at Starbucks or McD.

If you are connected to both the cellular and Wi-Fi, the WLAN takes precedence over the mobile network. For BES which support WLAN, your device will directly connect over your company network infrastructure.

8820 wifi

8820 wifi

I have no information which provider will release the 8820 first. The Vodafone theme is no indication, since I just uploaded it to the device with javaloader.

Keine Alleskönner

by Volker Weber

Vodafone bringt in zwei Wochen einen 8310 Curve mit GPS. Aber ein Alleskönner ist das nicht, da WLAN fehlt. Kamera aus dem 8300, GPS aus dem 8800.

Try the OLPC without having one

by Volker Weber

OLPC in VMware

Found this on Gizmodo: download a VMware image with the OLPC software. Unpack, run in VMware. I found it quite confusing at first, but quickly got a hang of it.

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From my inbox

by Volker Weber

Henry writes:

As a person who now uses Vista on daily basis, I can honestly say there is no better evidence as to why someone should get a Mac.

Geocoding your photos with Nokia Sports Tracker

by Volker Weber

When I first wrote about the Nokia Sports Tracker, I was a bit disappointed that it would not export tracks in a format that contained date/time information for the recorded waypoints. Without them you can't use the tracks to geocoding your photos. As I was discussing an upcoming application for the BlackBerry 88xx, I tried to find out about GPX support. This is where I noticed that there is a new version 1.49 of Sports Tracker which was released mid-June (I wonder how I managed to download the old version). 1.49 adds GPX and CSV export:

GPX Export in Nokia Sports Tracker

Sports Tracker runs on S60 3.0 and S60 3.1 devices. There are two different downloads:

The N95, E90 and 6110 Navigator have GPS, the others will need a Bluetooth GPS receiver. Now that Sports Tracker lets you export a GPX track, you have all you need to geocode all your photos that were taken during the time the track was recorded. Last year I wrote how you do that.

Of course I had to try it out and stepped out to snap a few pictures while Sports Tracker was running. The internal camera of the E90 does not try to geocode its photos, but since the camera and the track are perfectly time-synced, the choice of camera was simple. :-)

Geocoded photo

Geht mir seit Tagen durch den Kopf

by Volker Weber

Seit 2001 veralteter Ösi-Witz:

In einem deutsch-österreichischen Grenzort tritt jemand an den Bankschalter, hält sich die Pistole an die Schläfe und ruft "Geld oder Leben". Darauf hin der Bankangestellte: "Sie hätten's bestimmt gern in Schilling".

Auf einmal wird der wieder aktuell. Nur heisst der letzte Satz jetzt: "Sie sind bestimmt bei der Bahn".

Try sticking out your other leg

by Volker Weber

First it was the Microsoft Surface parody, now Sarcastic gamer is at it again, mocking a Nintendo trailer with a new voiceover.

Treffer, versenkt

by Volker Weber

Es ist mir ein psychologisches Rätsel, wieso einer glauben kann, der Besitz einer Meinung sowie der Kauf einer Zeitung entbänden ihn von den Regeln der Zivilisation. Wenn mich also ein Briefschreiber durch seinen Ton dazu auffordert, die Zone der Zivilisation zu verlassen, dann mache ich gerne davon Gebrauch.

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Windows Mobile 6 Update für O2 Xda ...

by Volker Weber

... gibts hier.

(Not) the domain grabber of the week

by Volker Weber

Open your browser, type www.treo.com, have a good laugh.

[Thanks, Stefan]

Too many false positives in Google spam filter

by Volker Weber

google mail

Today I found myself fetching 133 false positives out of 5953 messages in the spam filter. Which means, that Google Mail is broken for me. It may overlook the odd spam message but it should not put legit messages in the trash.

MINI Pooper

by Volker Weber

Huge security hole in Notes

by Volker Weber

Would you believe that you can make Notes log all password changes to hard disk? In clear text?

Well, I did not, until I learned something new today. [Update:] Long and winding explanation moved here in German and there in English.

Opinion: Somebody shot a huge hole into Notes. And this might hurt.

Update 19 JUL 2007: IBM is removing this parameter from all future versions of Notes:

Lotus Notes versions 8.0, 7.0.3 and all future versions will contain a fix that will remove the use of this undocumented debug variable.

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Boss key revisited

by Volker Weber

[via Alex]

Shouldn't this be faster?

by Volker Weber


RIM announces Wifi-enabled BlackBerry 8820

by Volker Weber

Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ:RIMM)(TSX:RIM) today announced the BlackBerry(R) 8820 smartphone. ... The BlackBerry 8820 is the first dual-mode BlackBerry handset, combining EDGE/GPRS/GSM cellular and Wi-Fi(R) connectivity for data access and voice support through UMA (unlicensed mobile access) for fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) service offerings from various wireless carriers around the world.

To meet various security requirements, the BlackBerry 8820 is compliant with Wi-Fi security protocols including WEP (Wireless Equivalency Protocol), WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) and WPA2, as well as Cisco Compatible Extensions for simple, secure connectivity with Cisco wireless solutions. For enterprises that require Wi-Fi users to access the corporate network through a VPN (Virtual Private Network), the BlackBerry 8820 includes IPSec-based software that supports the most commonly deployed VPN gateways from vendors including Cisco, Check Point and others.

I shall have one on Monday.

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How to make sure you are not bothered by email

by Volker Weber

You forward your perfectly working mail address somewhere else:

From: xxxxxxx@clearframe.com
Date: 17. Juli 2007 18:20:24 MESZ
To: vowe@vowe.net
Subject: Please validate your email address.

Please reply to this message with the following code in the subject line:


This will add vowe@vowe.net to xxxxx xxxxxxx's list of approved correspondents and deliver your original message. By responding, you will be permanently added to the approved correspondent list. We appreciate your assistance in reducing SPAM.

xxxxx xxxxxx's email system is being protected by cBlock powered by Clearframe.
Visit http://www.clearframe.com for more information on protecting your email system.

This is not only a tedious process for anybody who wants to send you an email. You also have to make sure that nobody can find your domain on DNS.

Quote of the day

by Volker Weber

Engineer #1: Why on Earth do we have to use this?
IT worker: We're committed to using our own solution.
Engineer #1: Yeah, I understand the dog food rationale.
Engineer #2: The problem is that it's not dog food. It's kitty litter.

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Nokia E90: my favorite application

by Volker Weber


This is a scaled down screenshot of the E90 displaying the WidSets application on the internal screen. Full version is here. Since it is written in Java MIDP 2.0 it runs on quite a lot of devices. This is how it looks on the small external screen of the E90:


I use it mostly as an RSS reader:

widsets widsets

1 Uhr nachts

by Volker Weber


Und Thomas beschwert sich über 25 :-)

Decisions, decisions :-)

by Volker Weber


New poll: what do you think of Second Life?

by Volker Weber

I was never really interested in Second Life. So I never registered and all of my experience is second hand. What do you think of Second Life?

  1. Great potential, here to stay
  2. Hype, will quickly fade away
  3. Don't know

And here are the results:


iPod Anti-Theft Device

by Volker Weber

Hide it in a Zune. Don't miss the (insulting) FAQ.

Headline of the day

by Volker Weber

Will The Last Corporation Leaving Second Life Please Turn Off The Light

That would probably be IBM.

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Zitat des Tages

by Volker Weber

Was die A-Blogger sind? Das sind die, die sich ständig gegenseitig erklären, wie bloggen richtig geht.
Jens Scholz

Weird links of the day

by Volker Weber

Prince Nicolas Omaha

From my inbox

by Volker Weber


Cherno gibt an wie tausend nackte ... oops. :-)

A Lotus community effort

by Volker Weber

A sports car enthusiast who suffered a mini stroke while restoring a Lotus Esprit was amazed when online friends finished the work for him in secret.

OK, that would be the other Lotus. :-)

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[Thanks, Nick]

This is a first

by Volker Weber

LONDON - Prince has angered the music industry and stirred up trouble among British retailers by giving away his new album with a tabloid newspaper this weekend.

"Planet Earth" will be packaged with the Mail on Sunday at a price of $2.80.

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Hardware upgrade day

by Volker Weber


Today was hardware upgrade day at vowe's magic flying circus. EVA700 out, EVA8000 in. The access point is now powered over Ethernet. And the print server has finally scaled down from parallel to USB 2.0. Yes, vowe's magic flying circus runs on Netgear infrastructure. The only trouble I ever had in 10 years was one power brick which was promptly replaced.

The EVA8000 is an incredible upgrade from the EVA700. On paper they look pretty similar, but the interface has been completely streamlined, you no longer need a UPnP media server (but you can have one), the device now has a web interface and it can interact with a PC (not a Mac so far). I have not yet discovered all its capabilities. Busy watching some movies on it right now. Go read the specs. It basically plays everything you could possibly have from an SMB share. Unless your media is crippled by DRM of course.

Ils sont fous, ces Américains

by Volker Weber

How do you battle a 17 percent decline in overseas visitors? You charge a $10 entry fee. Gratuity not included. How does this work?

For example, some travellers have said that they feel like they are treated like criminals. We need additional resources to address these issues which is why we have proposed the fee.

Here is an idea. Stop treating visitors like criminals in the first place.

[via Hanno]

The greatest robbery

by Volker Weber

News is out that three guys robbed 282 million US-dollar from a bank in Baghdad. That amount of money could pay for the Iraq war almost from sunrise to sunset on any given summer day.

Update: As Hanno has commented, it may only have been 388 thousand dollars. That is only good for about 90 seconds.

Good use of out of office reply

by Volker Weber

In many cases ooo replies are pretty useless, but today I received a really good one:

I'm no longer working at xxxxx xxxxxx so am not reachable at this email address. Please contact xxxx xxx (x.xxx@xxxxx-xxxxxx.com) or you can contact our receptionist on +1 212 555 1212. If you need to reach me, please call my cellphone at 212 555 xxxx. My personal email is xxxxxxxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com

Many companies drop mail accounts of people who have left. Or they forward to the next person on the job. Without asking the sender. This company however has an excellent policy.

TubeStick on Windows

by Volker Weber

Remember the TubeStick?

Window's Media Center allows you to watch live TV. With the TubeStick Windows Drivers there's no additional software needed to use TubeStick on a PC.

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Volker W Simpson

by Volker Weber


Create your own >

More Simpsons: Bruce E, Gayle E, Hanno Z, Ken P, Little Joe, Paul M

The iPhone: will it blend?

by Volker Weber

How to use the Nokia E90 as a modem

by Volker Weber

Erkki called me today about my E90 modem setup because he could not get it to work. Since I don't like to do tech support on the phone (read the faq) I asked him to send an email. Instead of answering by mail I chose to explain here.

I use Ross Barkman's modem script for Nokia 3G phones. Download the archive, unstuffit, put the two script files into /Library/Modem Scripts.

The setup is very simple: Set Up Bluetooth Device from the Bluetooth menu item as follows. In the GPRS CID String field you put your ISP's access point name. For o2.de I can leave username and password empty:

E90 Modem Setup 1

E90 Modem Setup 2

Then you open Internet Connect and hit Connect. The GPRS CID String shows up as Telephone Number. That's all.

E90 Connect

E90 Connected

The Bluetooth connection is faster than UMTS, but not fast enough for HSDPA. If you find out how to connect via USB, let me know.

Breaking News: All Online Data Lost After Internet Crash

by Ken Porter

So many parties, so little time

by Volker Weber

Not much going on lately, other than:

David wants an iPhone

by Volker Weber

Another update on the Nokia E90

by Volker Weber

I have now completely settled in on using the E90. I have this feeling there is no turning back. Every other phone feels like a toy compared to the Communicator.

Interestingly enough, the external screen has proven to be much more useful than I thought. You can easily check new email coming in with one hand, and you only need to switch from phone to Communicator mode when you answer an email. It is best of both worlds: a device optimized for one handed operation combined with one for two hands. While the internal screen is truly amazing the external one is not too shabby either. Many phones are happy to have a QVGA screen at all. Compare the two screenshots below. You have to click the right image to get the full version. It won't fit within the design of this page.

small thumb

The E90 is definitely faster than any other S60 device I have used so far. Not as fast as a BlackBerry but fast enough for me that I don't notice. The two "favorites" buttons are now configured with Widsets and Mail for Exchange. Widsets is my favorite third party application and Mail for Exchange needs some handholding.

O2 with EDGE?

by Volker Weber

e90 umts e90edge

When the E90 needs to keep a data connection and the UMTS signal is too weak, it drops back to GPRS. Today I witnessed for the first time that it fell back to EDGE. And as you can see, it seems to do that on the german O2 network. I did not know that O2 even had EDGE support in Germany. Is the E90 confused or is O2 upgrading its network?

Anybody remember the dual highway?

by Volker Weber

Another look at Quickr reveals that this is not one product in two flavors but two distinct products with the same name, and very few things in common: name, fonts, colors, Windows connectors. The rest is very different:

There is no way to move content from one version to the other. You can't have a Portal frontend with a Domino backend for instance. Or the other way around.

Too me Quickr looks like two products in one box: Quickplace and Workplace Documents.

Mixed Tape 18 is out

by Volker Weber

mixed tape 18

This is the final edition. The series closes with a Best Of.

More >

[Thanks, Martin]

Nokia Media Transfer now officially supports the Eseries

by Volker Weber

eseries profiles

Remove the profiles you installed yourself and hit the Check for Updates Now menu option.

Nokia has turned on Mac support for its phones across the Nseries and Eseries. You get a nice media transfer application, you get iSync plugins. Nice move. Much better than using the fugly PocketMac application I need for the BlackBerry devices.

BlackBerry Firmware Release 164 for Pearl and 8800

by Volker Weber

vodafone today

Vodafone Today, my favorite theme, is now available in white. At least on the Pearl.

Download here >

Imaginary friends

by Volker Weber

Yesterday I made an interesting observation on LinkedIn. One of my contacts had gained literally hundreds of new connections in a very short period of time, and I did not know any of them. Usually you know some people in the second degree of separation. You know whom your friends know. Sometimes you are connected to them as well, sometimes not. But very rarely you literally see hundreds of people you never heard of before.

As it turns out there is a swinger club on LinkedIn called LION. It stands for LinkedIn Open Networker, and it basically means those people will accept connections from anyone which cares to link to them, although they don't know each other. The sole purpose seems to be to amass as many connections as possible. Since LinkedIn makes it hard to connect to people you do not know, they have set up a separate database and created tools which generate invitations.

What a sad bunch of people.


by Volker Weber

Oder besser: Spritztouren >


by Volker Weber

Die BCC Unternehmensberatung GmbH, mit Sitz in Langen/Frankfurt am Main in Deutschland, hat am 14. Juni 2007 die ICODEX Software AG erworben.

Interessante Geschichte. Client Genie hat BCC in der Vergangenheit schon mal verkauft. Und nun ist ja "Mr. Client Genie" Florian Vogler nicht mehr bei ICODEX.

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Quickr: first impressions

by Volker Weber

After getting access to the Greenhouse I was finally able to test drive Quickr. Here are my first impressions:

Quickr wants a plugin

Quickr wants a plugin. I am surprised the Create button/menu has survived usability testing.

Quickr does not want the plugin

Firefox 2.0.4 does not like the plugin.

Quickr wants a popup

Quickr wants to open a pop-up. You can't be any more Web 1.0 than with pop-ups.

Plugins are Windows only

Connectors are Windows only. Witness the .msi extension in the status bar. Quickr without Connectors is Quickplace. Only more colorful.

I think I need to find a place with some content. Filling the test place up without a connector is going to take ages. Who came up with Quickr in the first place? Too me it looks Slowr. :-)

Quote of the day

by Volker Weber

Bimbette: ... And then I was thinking, Wouldn't it suck if the Titanic really happened?
Friend: Are you fucking serious?
Bimbette: Yeah! I mean, it would be sad, right?

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Stupid error message of the day

by Volker Weber

Your comment was rejected as your browser's user agent string has changed since you viewed the post.

Wordpress, while trying to post a comment here. My browser must be wicked.

Still waiting for NSFDB2?

by Volker Weber

Cristian writes a long story about waiting for Godot NSFDB2. We know the history of how it should become available "in the next major release". This release is now going to be shipped next month. Now it looks like nsfdb2 is not going to be supported on the iSeries. Cristian and his customer are not amused.

My take on this NSFDB2 thing is very different from the official story. It is my opinion only, so take it with a grain pound of salt:

NSFDB2 was born when Mills was dreaming about having only one directory, one database, one development environment, one application server. Domino was going to be modularized and put on the WebSphere, DB2, Tivoli, Rational pillars; DB2 was going to replace NSF.

As it turned out, NSF is much faster at doing what it does than DB2. Actually DB2 was not well suited to store notes. Only years later, when DB2 learned to properly deal with XML, it would have been able to replace NSF. But the architecture conceived in the meantime for NSFDB2 does not even exploit those capabilities.

What we now have is a child so ugly that only its mother can love it.


by Volker Weber

Once in a while you have to stop in your tracks and re-evaluate what you are doing. I have recently done that and made a few changes:

  1. No longer checking into Plazes. There are plenty of options to find me. Plazes has not helped in doing that once.
  2. No longer logging into any IM other than Skype. Skype is the IM that works best. Across companies and firewalled networks.
  3. Removing Skype contacts who are never online. If you think that lurking as "invisible" is a great idea, think again. If you are not on my buddylist, you can't talk to me.
  4. Decommissioned wiki.vowe.org. It never achieved critical mass. And I was getting requests from people to change things in the wiki.
  5. Started ignoring all mails from accidental readers who ask for technical assistance. 99% don't even bother sending back a "thank you" note. Same goes for people asking for expertise without ever giving anything back.

Is the Lotus gardener dead?

by Volker Weber

Recently I have been encouraged to try out Lotus' new offerings in the Greenhouse. I have requested an account many weeks ago, but have not heard back from IBM. I went through the proper channels asking for assistance, but still have not heard anything.

Has the gardener passed away?

Update: No, he hasn't:

From: "Lotus Greenhouse Team" <LGHTeam@us.ibm.com>
Date: 4. Juli 2007 02:02:18 MESZ
To: vowe@vowe.net
Subject: Welcome to the Lotus Greenhouse

Welcome to the Lotus Greenhouse.

On behalf of the Lotus Greenhouse team, I would like to invite you to join an exciting community whose focus is exploring the latest collaborative technologies from Lotus Software. ...

The Lotus Greenhouse team will be sending a follow-up email to provide you with a user ID along with instructions on how to access the site. Look for an email from LGHTeam@us.ibm.com. The Lotus development team and I look forward to interacting with you in the Lotus Greenhouse.

Michael D. Rhodin
General Manager
IBM Software Group

iPhone battery life

by Volker Weber

Looks like I was right being sceptic about Apple's claims of iPhone battery performance. It looks like the iPhone is being completely run over by the BlackBerry 8800 in every aspect.

Heute gelesen

by Volker Weber

Streikleiter Hans-Joachim Kernchen ist zufrieden. Ständig klingelt sein Telefon mit Nachrichten von anderen Streikorten. "Alle Großstädte sind lahmgelegt", sagt er. "München, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Hamburg - alles dicht."

Zeit, die Alternativen noch mal zu prüfen.

"Damals war man stolz darauf, Eisenbahner zu sein", sagt er. "Heute sind wir nur noch Bahner. Der Beruf wird immer weiter abgewertet."

Und demnächst dann Eisen, altes?

Pünktlich zum Bahnstreik: Benzin wird deutlich teurer

Und pünktlich zur Ferienzeit.

Begnadigung: Bush rettet Libby vor dem Knast


Jemen: Selbstmordattentäter tötet Touristen

Urlaub im Jemen?

iPhone laut Zeitung exklusiv bei T-Mobile

Wo sonst? Apple hat kein UMTS und nur T-Mobile hat EDGE.

For Europeans only

by Volker Weber

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Alinghi defends the America's Cup

by Volker Weber


Emirates Team New Zealand was a strong opponent, but Alinghi managed to win 4 races in a row. Congratulations.

First MacBook battery dead

by Volker Weber


Within one year I have killed my first MacBook battery. It still has some charge left but nowhere near the design capacity. The battery goes dead suddenly without a chance to save your work.

So I called AppleCare and it looks like they will be replacing the battery through a service provider. It's too late to get this sorted out today, but if all goes well, I should be ordering the new battery tomorrow and have it Thursday.

As far as I understand Apple is replacing faulty MacBook and MacBook Pro batteries, if the cycle count is below 300 charges, you have installed the Battery Update and it's still not working.

Nokia updates Mail for Exchange

by Volker Weber

This is just a minor update from 1.06(0) to 1.06(1). But it brings support for two Nseries phones: the N95 and the popular N73. Now you can sync your Exchange PIM data and receive mail in real time over the air.

The update also fixes a bug when sending mails. I hope it's the one I was encountering. :-)

I had to remove the old version to successfully install the new one. This wasn't necessary when going from 1.05 to 1.06, but this time it was.

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Be careful out there

by Volker Weber

Shattered glass. Apple replaced this one on the spot, but I would not count on it.

vowe.net via iPhone

by Volker Weber

And here is the proud owner. A belated happy birthday, Gayle.

And this is the user agent:

Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU like Mac OS X; en) AppleWebKit/420+ (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/3.0 Mobi

Benutzt jemand ein Apple TV?

by Volker Weber

Habe heute eine ganze Reihe von TV-Sendungen auf dem Netgear EVA700 angeschaut. Dateien auf den Memory Stick, Stick in den USB-Port, auf geht's. Soviel ich weiß, geht das mit dem Apple TV nicht. Deshalb meine Frage: Hat jemand von Euch ein Apple TV und was schaut Ihr damit?

Stefan hat diese Woche einen EVA8000 gesehen. Der wäre noch etwas besser als der EVA700.

Are these people blind?

by Volker Weber

I read so many reports about the fact that iChat is missing from the iPhone, how the SMS tool has an "iChat-like" interface, how Leopard could bring an IM-as-SMS forwarding thingie to the iPhone etc.


The iPhone does not have iChat because AT&T does not want it to have it. iChat is free. SMS messages, which are basically free for the provider, make a ton of money. Instant messaging is way better than SMS, because it also gives you presence information.

Do you seriously think that Apple would have any difficulties getting iChat to run on this baby?

New poll: will you buy an iPhone any time soon?

by Volker Weber

Three answers:

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Undecided

Please vote yes, if you already bought one.

iphone results


by Volker Weber


Thomas schreibt aus New York:

Der Launch-Event war etwas 'underwhelming'. Zumindest beim Apple Store 5th Ave. Viele Absperrungen, keine Schlangen. Der Apple Store war etwas voller als sonst, aber das wars auch schon. Nicht ausverkauft. Aber viel zu wenige iPhones zum anfassen. Carl und ich sind letztendlich in 'nen AT&T Store gegangen und haben es uns dort angesehen. ... Wir haben uns keines gekauft. Nach 20 Minuten rumspielen mit den Ding war das iPhone Fieber wieder weg. Ich warte auf die 2te Version mit 3G/4G Support.

Ich glaube nicht, dass die iPhones so schnell ausverkauft sind.

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