January 2009

Excellent PR on the part of Google

by Volker Weber

If you did a Google search between 6:30 a.m. PST and 7:25 a.m. PST this morning, you likely saw that the message "This site may harm your computer" accompanied each and every search result. This was clearly an error, and we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to our users.

What happened? Very simply, human error.

What follows is an explanation of what happened, when it started, when it ended. No spin. Just the plain story.

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Lieber Google-Spamfilter,

by Volker Weber

.. manchmal bist Du etwas schwer von Begriff. Wie oft sollte ich Dir noch diese Mails als Spam melden?


Unknown face

by Volker Weber

This could be an interesting Flickr tag.


by Volker Weber

Pretty funny, don't miss the opening notes: "We do love our son".

Sync your smartphone with Google or Plaxo

by Volker Weber

What is NuevaSync?

NuevaSync allows direct, over-the-air, native synchronization of certain smart phones and PDA devices with public PIM, and calendaring services including Google Calendar. NuevaSync does not need any software installed on your device because it uses synchronization protocols that are already built in.

NuevaSync uses Exchange ActiveSync to connect your mobile to public services.

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Mobile World Congress Barcelona

by Volker Weber


I am currently putting my schedule together for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Press conferences, 1-on-1 meetings, sessions. I will also be visiting the exhibition. If you have any exciting news coming up, please contact me.

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iMovie '09: what Apple does not tell you about image stabilization

by Volker Weber


This is my iMac (2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo, 4 GB) analyzing a 10 minute clip shot today. It's a VGA resolution MPEG4 and it is taking quite some time to complete. 30 minutes for a 10 minutes clip.

New poll: which is your preferred Office software?

by Volker Weber

"My name is Volker, and I am a Word user." - "Hi, Volker."

No seriously, what is your preferred Office software? Myself, I am not a good sample, since I can get one copy of each for free. So price is not an issue, and I just happen to prefer Word over any competing product. Same goes for Excel, and for Keynote. Once in a while I use Pages, if I need to layout. If I had to use only one, it would probably be Microsoft Office. I never liked OpenOffice, then StarOffice, and I never really liked the smaller niche players, if only for document fidelity.

What is your choice, if you can only have one:



Downloading Lotus Symphony - you could not make this up

by Volker Weber

Downloading Symphony

Downloading Symphony

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Broadcasting your keynote the Apple way and the IBM way

by Volker Weber

Apple Keynote Webcast

Apple Keynote Webcast

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BlackBerry Bold and Remote Stereo Gateway

by Volker Weber

This took three months. Today, the promised BlackBerry Bold showed up in a FedEx box, along with a Bluetooth gateway, which is already connected to the Sonos line-in. Now I can finally return the other Bold I have been holding at ransom to RIM. :-)

Is this the kind of person IBM would lay off?

by Volker Weber

Checking LinkedIn profiles of IBM employees who bag lots of recommendations in the last couple of days. Those are the one IBM does not seem to need anymore. This person for instance:

This is either a b/s artist, or a star. And he would not get so many recommendations if he were only a b/s artist. So he must be a star.

And here I was thinking that IBM would hire stars like him, if they could only find any.

Relative links in Notes documents

by Volker Weber

Hubertus wants to author documents in Notes that have relative links to anchors within the same document. In HTML this is very easy.

  1. You create an anchor <a name="mytarget">.
  2. You link to that anchor with <a href="#mytarget">

How do you do that in Notes? A hotspot with a Notes reference always links to THIS document in THIS database. Can you do relative links as well?

This is to be used in a newsletter sent to Notes users in the same domain. The newsletter contains a graphical table of contents, that should link to parts of the document. If you do a "Edit - Copy as Link - Anchor Link" you get the replica ID and the document ID as part of the link. That is not a relative but an absolute link.


Corporate productivity and the π constant

by Volker Weber

Tried to send a voice recording to someone at IBM yesterday. The BlackBerry (and other mobile phones) use the AMR (Adaptive Multi-Rate) speech encoding format used in GSM telephony for that. Recipient could not read the file (hint: iTunes plays that through Quicktime). Recoded as MP3, which was then removed by the corporate babysitter.

Which leads me to my rule of thumb when estimating the effort to complete a task:

  1. Estimate how long it takes to complete the task and multiply by π.
  2. Multiply by π again if it involves a group of up to 10 people.
  3. Multiply by π again if it involves an organization with more than 100 employees.
  4. Multiply by π again for an "enterprise".
  5. Multiply by π again for an organization which collaborates through telephone conferences.
I charge by the hour (or rather: day). :-)

Good and bad at Lotusphere 2009

by Volker Weber

Just a short list of things on my mind. YMMV:

Small piece of advice for owners of small consumer cameras: turn off the flash when taking pictures of screens and displays. Don't assume you can illuminate a large room. Don't post pictures of people stuffing their face, holding alcoholic beverages, drunks, or those making a fool of themselves. Capture the moment with your heart, but not with your camera. If you need to use the camera, keep the pictures for yourself.

Aside from the Wi-Fi issues, Lotusphere - just - works. It's a great conference. I don't think you can make it much better.

*) Bonus points if you can spot login credentials for Lotusphere Online. Harrummph. Wink, wink.

Not only Microsoft is cutting thousands of jobs

by Volker Weber

Apparently IBM is following suit. Last week a couple of people at Lotusphere got their notice. A new round is expected for Tuesday. Watch out for activity on LinkedIn:

Yesterday, I learned that I was part of a widespread resource action within IBM. I am reaching out to my network to learn of new employment opportunities, and to request that you kindly provide a recommendation on my work. I am currently seeking ..., if you care to tailor your recommendation to my ... ability. If you are a fellow IBMer, caught up in this resource action, please let me know, and I will do the same, unconditionally.

Jeff Kiger of Post-Bulletin tries to collect more information.

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For only two dollars turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a cheap alam clock

by Volker Weber


Night Stand is pretty. Either an LED clock in blue, green or red, or a flip clock, it shows the time bedside on your display. Best used with a charging dock. Double tap lowers brightness, single tap raises it. It also has an alarm clock with snooze that won't let you go back to sleep.


iTunes Store link >

Quote of the day

by Volker Weber

Picciano is as adept at politics as he is at software development issues -- and the funny thing is, he's straight up about it. There is no spin to figure out. He says what he says and you don't need to spin it.
—Andrew Pollack

I can agree to that. Getting a bit fed up with spin that tries to sell bad news as good news.

Downloading all Lotusphere slide decks in one go

by Volker Weber


Karsten Lehmann has compiled instructions on how to download all slide decks in one go. You need to install a Firefox extension and then go here >

Tagged by The Blue Man

by Volker Weber

Nein danke, Adobe

by Volker Weber


Ich glaube, wir brauchen langsam mal eine Robinson-Liste für diesen Marketing-Quatsch. Ich trete keinem Club bei. Deshalb weiß ich, dass das gelogen ist.

MCO to FRA in 7:50

by Volker Weber

Photo Lufthansa

This was a record flight. I have never seen 727 mph or 1170 km/h (over ground). The A340-600 took a southerly route across the Atlantic. We came in over Paris instead of Dublin and London.

On the way to Orlando we sat more than two hours on the tarmac in FRA due to radar problems that kept 39 planes from leaving towards the west.

Malware found in iWork copy distributed over BitTorrent

by Volker Weber

This should serve as a reminder to be a little bit careful with what you install on your computer.

Lotusphere is over

by Volker Weber

My 16th Lotusphere has come to an end, and I am still digesting what I have learned. Currently sitting in the departure area for LH 465, service to Frankfurt. This isn't going to be pleasant, overnight in a small seat that hardly reclines.

There have been few major announces, LotusLive.com for instance, but Lotus has not told us much about how they are going to incorporate the Outblaze technology. The most important news to me came in kind of slowly on Wednesday:

Lotus is going to support ActiveSync on the Domino Server, delivered through Traveler as a server task.

This is going to take off a lot of pressure. Customers have been asking Lotus to support the iPhone, and they will do the same when Palm releases the Pre. For Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile there are going to be two competing solutions: "native" Traveler and ActiveSync. Traveler needs a client, ActiveSync has native clients on the devices, with Windows Mobile having the best implementation. S60 has to be fixed to an APN which means you cannot easily make use of Wi-Fi, and the iPhone implementation is lacking since you cannot delete or move messages when offline.

The bitter pill for IBM is that there were no other cards to play. ActiveSync was their only chance to connect the iPhone. And that means you have to select "Exchange" when connecting to Domino. It is going to be completely transparent to the users. The good news, actually the excellent news is, that many devices will be able to connect to your Notes mailbox, not just the iPhone. Nokia has standardized on ActiveSync, so have many other device manufacturers and server vendors.

Other news I liked: Connections 2.5 will finally be complete when it ships. This is the version you want, if you can afford it. Sametime 8.5 has shown some great new features, like a Meeting client that does not require Java, telephony looks very impressive. Since I have not been a Notes 8.5 beta tester, I have been impressed with the new calendar features. You can now add other Notes calendars as well as syndicated iCal calendars. I know that this has been available on the Mac or in Google Calendar for quite some time, but it's good to see Notes catching up.

I think a lot of people have been impressed and somewhat surprised by the potential of XPages. You can finally write decent web applications on Domino without all those web agents. Caveat: Designer 8.5 is not really done. It has some very rough edges, and according to many people I spoke with, seems to be buggy and unstable.

Today's closing session was a real treat. Best motivational speaker I have seen so far. Special bonus for sitting in the front row, right where he performed. Take-away: remember rule #6. :-) You can hear part of his speech on TED .

More when I am back in Darmstadt. Boarding now ...

Lotus bloggers after closing session

by Volker Weber

Froy-der, sher-ner getter-foon-ken

by Volker Weber

Faces @ Lotusphere

by Volker Weber

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Didn't he just say this has an off switch?

by Volker Weber

RIM Co-CEO Jim Balsillie with Bob Picciano (GM Lotus) and Michael Reh (SVP SAP) at the Lotusphere Press Conference

Bloggers hanging out at Lotusphere

by Volker Weber

IBM provided yellow bean bags in the General Opening Session for the "credentialed bloggers". Everybody else got a regular seat.

Blue Man Group getting dirty

by Volker Weber

Blue Man Group at Lotusphere

by Volker Weber

Bleeding yellow

by Volker Weber

Notes 8.5 trials available for download

by Volker Weber


Don't run them in production as they are time bombed.

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[via Ed ]

New toy: TomTom 940 Live

by Volker Weber


Early this morning, the UPS delivery truck pulled up in front of the house with a small box containing the latest and greatest TomTom navigator. Just in time for Lotusphere.

I know my way around the Orlando area from numerous previous Lotuspheres, but still, it's nice to have a co-pilot. As with previous 9x0 devices from TomTom it comes with maps of North America as well as Western Europe.

I did not have much time to play with the new device. Its very similar in size and shape to the 930, just a tad slimmer and wider. Screen resolution is unchanged, the device software has a new and cleaner look. The biggest physical difference is the screen mount. The power cable no longer connects to the device but to the screen mount instead. This means it is a lot quicker to release and take out of the car then the previous models. Having said that, I would not leave the screen mount on the windshield. This would just invite burglars who (rightfully) assume that the device is inside the car.

Since HD traffic is reported via the TomTom service, you need to pay 10€ a month for the service, after the first three months. This contains the built-in SIM card and the mobile charges. The device will not roam, so HD traffic only works in your home country. I will let you know in about a month how well this works.

Next week I will also let Alex test it in Florida. He is staying a few extra days.

Quote of the day

by Volker Weber

Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.
— Ben Franklin

developerWorks: OK, we get it -- you like the iPhone!

by Volker Weber

We've been looking over our data from 2008 (not quite ready to say goodbye to the old year yet), and we've compiled a list of the most popular developerWorks articles and tutorials that appeared in this newsletter. iPhone-related articles secured the #1 and #9 slots -- very impressive.

More > (imagine IBM were able to provide a permalink to a newsletter)

This is an iPhone user experience

by Volker Weber


Getting started >

[Thanks, Bruce]

Current weather in Darmstadt

by Volker Weber

Off to Florida for a change.

Halluzinationen statt Alzheimer?

by Volker Weber


[Danke, Sascha]


by Volker Weber

Ed posted about a "momentum" press release (linked below as last in the list). It's about the fact that Lotus has sold 145 million notes licenses to date, not to be confused with the number of active Notes users.* If those numbers in the press releases can be trusted, it pays to look at older releases and chart out the numbers:

I have put them into a spreadsheet, created an x/y Chart and added a linear trend line:


If we disregard the two anomalies, it is a pretty steady line, selling about seven million licenses per year over the last four years. If you go further left, this trend line would hit zero twenty years ago, when Notes was first released. Sales of course were different from that trend line. There was exponential growth below the trend line until it flattened out.

The number that makes me curious is this:

Over the past 15 months ending in the third quarter of 2008, more than 12,000 new organizations bought their first Notes/Domino licenses

The last number of Notes customers I can remember was "42,000" customers. Easy to remember, eh? :-) And now one quarter more? So is it now 54,000? IBM does not say that. They do not report former customers who are no longer customers. Of course IBM could suddenly sell to much smaller customers, but that is also not likely.

*) That is a carefully crafted myth to confuse people who don't question the numbers they are being served. Example:

More than 145 million corporate employees are using IBM's Lotus Notes e-mail software

Another one fell for it. You will find the next trap in the next sentence. Can you spot it?

One room at the WDW Dolphin available

by Volker Weber

I just heard of one room opening up at the Dolphin, Friday to next Thursday, at $222/day. Interested? Leave a comment or send mail .

Can you do the math?

by Volker Weber

IBM claims that Domino 8.5 lowers operational cost by 40% and more. How does the math work? Does anybody know the math behind this number?

Das geht nicht

by Volker Weber

Wie soll man denn ohne Wasser den dringend benötigten Großen Schwimmbadschein machen? Das ist 'ne Pflichtveranstaltung im Darmstädter Studium und ich habe sie bestimmt zweimal wiederholt.

How do you like DDE?

by Volker Weber

DDE you ask? Domino Designer on Eclipse. The new Domino Designer 8.5, part Eclipse, part classic. How are you liking it? I hear very conflicting comments.

Roots of the Middle East conflict

by Volker Weber

German audio with english sub-titles

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Quote of the day

by Volker Weber

Ich suche mit Live Search, und finde mit Google
— Ein Microserf

Rettet dem Dativ

by Volker Weber


This is not an iPhone user experience

by Volker Weber


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On an island

by Volker Weber

[With apologies to Commander David]


As you probably know, I get to test a lot of mobile devices. The first task is always to get my data on the phone. This is much easier than you might think since I can sync data between my Mac, a Google account and a hosted Exchange account. So I can either use Mobile Me, Google Sync, Exchange ActiveSync or the native sync services, that support a lot of devices. Nokia has jumped in and provides plugins for everything that ever touched down here at vowe's magic flying circus.

Now I am playing with the recently released Notes 8.5 on the Mac and I am back in the last millenium. There appear to be no sync capabilities whatsoever. Is that true? If you have your addresses and your calendar in Notes, you still cannot sync them to your mobile phone, your Google account, nothing unless you license additional software?

How does fourteen thousand megapixel sound?

by Volker Weber

They would not let me take pictures, but then again, I am not Google.

[Thanks, Pieterjan]

Your ticket to SocialScope

by Volker Weber


If you have a BlackBerry and you are a user of Twitter and Facebook, you want SocialScope. You have to trust me on that, since I cannot show you any screenshots or talk about the features.

The naked truth about web conferencing

by Volker Weber

heise Autos mit neuem Design

by Volker Weber


Wenn sie sich jetzt entschließen würden, wenigstens einen Teaser in den RSS-Feed aufzunehmen ...

Vorlesungen auf iTunes

by Volker Weber

Nach US und UK startet Apple nun auch in Deutschland ein Podcast-Angebot mit kostenlosen Vorlesungen. Bisher machen diese Unis mit: (alles iTunes-Links)

Mein Nachbar ist auch dabei:


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MacBook battery #3 delivered

by Volker Weber


Only one day later, the new battery arrives at vowe's magic flying circus. This is great news. I was afraid I had to take the Samsung Netbook to Lotusphere. But now it's the trusted MacBook. Thank you, Apple.

Before and after:

coconut battery coconut battery

Still holding on to that Redbook feed ...

by Volker Weber


Operating systems and support for Notes, Expeditor, Sametime, Symphony, Connections, Quickr

by Volker Weber

[via Stuart ]

heise online: Fritz!Box bremst Mac

by Volker Weber

Seit dem Update auf Mac OS X 10.5.6 klagen einige Mac-Nutzer, deren Internet-Zugang über eine Fritz!Box hergestellt wird, über verzögerten Seitenaufbau im Zusammenspiel mit dem Browser Safari.

Wie man der Kommunikation zwischen Mac und Fritz!Box entnehmen kann, liegt die Ursache in einer fehlerhaften Behandlung von DNS-Anfragen der Fritz!Box. Anhand einer detaillierten Problembeschreibung, die heise online AVM zur Verfügung stellte, konnte der Router-Hersteller den Fehler reproduzieren und inzwischen auch beseitigen. ... Die bereinigte Firmware-Version will AVM in den nächsten Tagen nach Abschluss weiterer Prüfungen veröffentlichen.

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by Volker Weber

Brian Mastenbrook: Disclosure of information vulnerability in Safari

by Volker Weber


Alper sent this in today, and I was so tied up that I couldn't post it.

I have discovered that Apple's Safari browser is vulnerable to an attack that allows a malicious web site to read files on a user's hard drive without user intervention. This can be used to gain access to sensitive information stored on the user's computer, such as emails, passwords, or cookies that could be used to gain access to the user's accounts on some web sites. The vulnerability has been acknowledged by Apple.

Workaround: don't let Safari handle RSS feeds. Or don't use Safari.

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by Volker Weber

Aufbak Brötzchen
Budder Grämüze
Minuten Schtäks

Laut vorlesen, dann geht das.

It's "Make your own caption" time

by Volker Weber

Hände für Kinder e.V. Hamburg

by Volker Weber

Diese Woche bekam ich eine Mail von meinem Freund Frank, auf die ich nach einem Telefongespräch vor drei Monaten schon einige Zeit gewartet habe. Frank hat ein schwerstbehindertes Kind. Viele Eltern sind mit so einer Entwicklung überfordert. Frank aber will nicht nur seine eigene Situation meistern, sondern obendrauf auch noch anderen Eltern in ähnlicher Lage helfen. Und er tut es nicht zum ersten Mal.

Um seinem Anliegen zu etwas größerer Öffentlichkeit zu verhelfen, möchte ich seine Mail — mit seiner Einwilligung — hier vollständig wiedergeben:

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German blogger sells his blog

by Volker Weber

This is probably not on the radar of readers outside of Germany, but Robert is selling his blog. If all goes according to plan, the deal closes on Thursday. Just in time for his travel to Lotusphere.

Disappointing battery performance

by Volker Weber


My MacBook is in its third year, and it already has burned through two batteries. Now I am going to need a new one. :-( If anybody has black MacBook batteries, I am all ears. :-) If this is true, I may be eligible for a replacement by Apple:

221 cycles and down to 16% capacity sounds really bad. The first one needed replacement after 265 cycles, and was still much better than this one.

Apple has started building a 17" MacBook Pro, which does not let you swap in a new battery. As with the MacBook Air you will need to bring it into a repair center to have the battery replaced. I have a bad feeling about this.

Update: Just received a call from Apple. They are replacing the battery. It indeed seems to be a really bad one. Excellent service, thank you!


iPod Touch Becoming a Bigger Story Than iPhone

by Volker Weber

The iPod Touch is quickly becoming a bigger story than it’s older sibling, the iPhone. A report just released by AdMob provides details on how use of iPod Touch (as measured by requests coming from mobile devices in to their ad network) "exploded on December 25th."

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Mobile devices and your data

by Volker Weber


This week Palm has demoed a game changing device to be released within the first half of the year. For the US it will be launched on Sprint, but there will be a 3G version for the rest of the world, and according to Palm CEO Ed Colligan, also within the first half of 2009.

Pictures don't really show the beauty and power of the device and the platform. You have to see a movie (Quicktime required). Sit through the first minutes where Jon Rubinstein and Ed Colligan set the stage. The device is unveiled by Jon at 12:49 and he explains the hardware. The user interface is demoed by Matías Duarte, starting at 18:15. It's actually a lot better than anything I have seen from Steve Jobs.

After having seen the movie, I am pretty much convinced, that this phone will be more fun than the iPhone. And it comes with a keyboard. The most interesting aspect however is how the webOS merges all your data sources into a single view - Outlook data gets connected to Facebook data. How you can find information through a clever search, that not only looks through data (and applications) on your device, but also your Exchange Global Address List, or Google, Maps, and Wikipedia.

Since a lot of my readers don't work with Outlook, I'd like to also mention Notes for a minute. This is a déjà vu, isn't it? It's only been last year that Apple captured the imagination of lots of customers with their Exchange support on the iPhone 2.x platform. IBM is still trying to catch up to that. Now Palm comes on stage with probably the most important announcement ever, and again, IBM is missing.

Craig Wiseman immediately suggested that IBM should support the device from launch. The interesting pattern is that Palm only had to go out and use EAS (Exchange Active Sync). You just can't do that with Notes. Ed comments:

Any mobile device vendor that wants to work with Domino can work with SyncML and the Traveler team to fill in any Domino-specific gaps. It doesn't need to be "openly documented" in terms of our implementation...

I. Beg. To. Differ.

If IBM does not clean up this area, Notes will be left behind at more than those two occasions. Vendors will continue to announce new mobile devices, and they will be providing EAS support from the start. And then IBM can "work with them" to catch up. And time and again, the message will be: "We have Outlook support and that's all that matters".

Vorleser.net - kostenlos mp3-Hörbücher downloaden

by Volker Weber

Rund 500 kostenlose mp3-Hörbücher zum legalen Download in CD-Qualität

Und das in gar nicht mal schlechter Qualität ...

More >

History of the Internet - a Motiongraphics documentary

by Volker Weber


This documentary is part of the diploma work by Melih Bilgil, who recently graduated from university in Mainz, Germany. Very impressive in its own right, it also tells you about the early days of the Internet.

Watch in Quicktime here or as Flash on Vimeo.

[via Alper]

Web-Centric Platform and New Palm Pre Phone to Debut Exclusively on Sprint

by Volker Weber

LAS VEGAS, Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Jan. 8, 2009 - Palm, Inc. today unveiled its groundbreaking Palm webOS mobile platform, built from the ground up to be constantly connected to the web, and the new Palm Pre, the first phone based on the new platform. Pre is scheduled to be available exclusively from Sprint in the first half of 2009.

Take a look at the screenshots and the description. This phone could be desirable. Sprint uses EvDO, not GSM or UMTS/HSDPA. Will need more information about worldwide availability.

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View your Lotusphere Schedule on your Apple iPhone and iPod touch

by Volker Weber

Yes, it is true. Lotus iNotes now supports the iPhone and the iPod touch (using WiFi). Since WiFi hotspots will be available throughout the hotels at Lotusphere, you can stay updated with your iPod touch too! This is the new ultralite feature. All you need to do is point your device to the following URL while you're attending Lotusphere (please replace 'XXXXXX.nsf' with your mail file number):


Just login and navigate to the first date of Lotusphere: January 18, 2009. Then just bookmark that on your device for easy viewing later.

Hmmh. What if I could just download the schedule as an iCal file? I would not need to login every time I want to look at my schedule.

One of the enhancements we have made to the Lotusphere Agenda Session Scheduler application this year is the ability to add your Lotusphere Schedule to your own default calendar so you can synchronize it with your smartphone and carry it with you while you are attending Lotusphere. We do this by giving you the ability to create an iCalendar file that can be imported into your own iCalendar compliant calendar application.

See, you only have to ask. :-) There is a small problem however. I won't be able to see the general events. Lotusphere has them, and you can view them online:

Check out your Lotusphere Mail iNotes calendar in Full mode. On the bottom left under My Calendars you will see that we have added a Google public calendar overlay. This calendar is a list of Lotusphere general events that are pulled from our Google pubic calendar. These include most of the events that are happening around the sessions you will be attending. This way you can easily check out when the Jamfest is, for example, or what time lunch is.

Does anybody know the Google Calendar URL for this file? I would love to just put this into my real calendar and not the one on Lotusphere Online that I won't check anyway.

You can also add your own Google calendars to your iNotes calendar by simply clicking Add next to My Calendars so you can add your own private appointments to your calendar to make the calendar more useful.

This is completely backwards. I don't want to make the iNotes calendar more useful. I want to make my calendar more useful. I know this is hard to do from an "enterprise view" where the iNotes calendar is the center of the universe. Lotusphere attendants don't work for Lotusphere. They work for thousands of other companies. We don't need to subscribe our calendars into the Lotusphere Online system but we need to be able to subscribe the Lotusphere Online calendards into ours.

More >

Travelling vowe

by Volker Weber

Back after a week on the road. We had a wonderful time in Berlin. Now we are happy to be back at home. I think there will be a lot of postings over the next few days.

There is more travel ahead: Lotusphere, edcom Nachlese and finally GSMA Mobile World Congress.

No surprises at the PhilNote

by Volker Weber

No wonder that Steve passed the buck to Phil.

If you bought crippled tracks from the store, you can "heal" them by paying another 30ct per track. Repeat after me: DRM is bad for the customer.

Notes and Domino 8.5 available

by Volker Weber

IBM closes second half of 2008. Notes & Domino 8.5 are now available from Partnerworld.

Winter in Potsdam

by Volker Weber

Ute and Sabine, Photo Alex

More >

Peter O'Kelly: I am now a Microsoft employee

by Volker Weber

I’m psyched to announce that I have joined a new Microsoft team focused on enterprise collaboration optimization (i.e., communication, collaboration, and information architecture, for large organizations).

More >

Ente Chop Sui

by Volker Weber

More >

[Thanks, Hanno]

Zu verkaufen

by Volker Weber


Smart Passion, 40 kW/55 PS, bay gray met., Tridion silber, Glasdach, Klima, Softtouch (Schaltautomatik), Radio, CD-Wechsler, Soundpaket, Sitzheizung, Winter- und Sommerräder, EZ 8/2002, rund 65 tkm, Standort Darmstadt

Erstbesitz, Nichtraucher, unfallfrei, keine bekannten Mängel. Verbrauch 5,5 l/100 km (Ute) oder 6,0 l/100km (vowe). Interesse? So ein Smart ist größer als man denkt . :-)

Events of the last few days

by Volker Weber

A couple of things happened, that were not important enough to get me to post here. Too lazy. :-)

Happy New Year everybody. Don't forget to change your copyright notice.

Lotusphere Online and Offline

by Volker Weber

Lotusphere Online

January, start of the Lotus season. If you are attending Lotusphere, you should have received an email inviting you to https://www.ls09.info.

Your User Name is the email address you provided when you registered for the conference. The password is your Lotusphere confirmation number, which can be found in the upper left hand corner of your confirmation letter.

If you have some patience, you can fill out your profile on Lotusphere Online. I guess there are a lot of people doing just that right now, bogging down the system. :-)

A better way to access session information is, same procedure as every year, Genii Software's session database for Lotus Notes:

Back by popular demand, we have built a Journal database containing all the sessions listed on the official Lotusphere site. This database is based on the personal ND6 Journal with a few added views, so it should synch with the Palm Pilot and other smart phones, but it also contains a wealth of useful information for planning out your schedule.

As in previous years, the Turtle Partnership is providing a BlackBerry version of that same database:

To download simply browse on your BlackBerry to http://lotusphere.turtleweb.com/bb

For those who just want to get a brief look at Lotusphere Online, here is a three minutes video:

I love to compare load times of URLs containing "nsf" (Domino) to those with "do" (Connections). Too hard to see in this highly compressed video. I am putting the source on me.com.

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