Instructions on how to receive zero news coverage

You have an old product. The general perception is that everybody is either leaving it behind or holding on for dear life. You invest in it and release a new version every year.

Here is your plan to receive no news coverage when you ship your next release:

  1. Hire a new PR agency
  2. Do not tell them who has covered the product in the past
  3. Release the product
  4. A few days later have a press event
  5. Invite press on very short notice
  6. Send out a press release
  7. Provide no photos, screenshots etc.

Congrats. Your news is now olds.

6 thoughts on “Instructions on how to receive zero news coverage”

  1. Ouch, so bad? But yes, I only saw that there was something because of you. Sad to see a once leading product disappear into irrelevance and only for the few faithful (or stupid?) left using it.

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