Getting rid of OneDrive notifications

Grumpy mode on. Why does every app need to bother me with unimportant events? Yeah, cool, I shot some photos 365 days ago. Big deal. For a while I have been dismissing these messages, but eventually I was fed up. Yes, I could turn off all notifications, but I want to know when an editor starts working on my manuscript or when I deleted a large number of files. Time to hunt for the options. I now have disabled “OneDrive creates a photo album for me” and “I Have Memories From This Day”?

Do you notice how the last option is all capitalized and the others are not? This seems like a hot new feature somebody squeezed in. Next up: find out how I can disable the automatic creation of albums. Yeeez. You are a file replication service. I don’t want to talk to you, ever. Just do your thing and replicated files.

Grumpy mode off.

4 thoughts on “Getting rid of OneDrive notifications”

  1. Danke f├╝r den Tipp! Die Notifications gingen mir langsam auf die Nerven.

    1. Switched off. Next: find where the notifications for memories are hidden in the Windows client. This is an uphill battle against product management.

  2. Das gleiche als Variante Google kenne ich – muss aber zugeben dass ich glaube dass ich damit ganz gut klarkomme.
    Kurz auf die Smartwatch geblickt, Google Fotos meldet Nonsense, und erst mal ad acta gelegt, oder direkt von dort auch f├╝rs Handy verworfen.
    Andererseits finde ich es doch manchmal nett wenn Google passend zum Sonntagsfr├╝hst├╝ck kurz mal meldet was vor 15 Jahren Fotom├Ą├čig los war oder p├╝nktlich nachdem Google r├Ąumliche N├Ąhe zum Smartphone der Person festgestellt hat nach der Abreise Fotos von eben jener Person ausgibt.

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