Apple Watch :: An Easy Challenge #dontbreakthechain

Most monthly challenges are out of my reach because they want to drive you go go further. That is not what I do. I don’t work out, I do not use any of the Activities+, I just wear the watch for monitoring my health and making sure I do get my daily exercise, burn my calories, and get up every hour.

Of course, it is also tells the time and shows selective notifications. And I can leave my iPhone behind because I pay an additional 5 € a month for LTE coverage.

The June challenge was super-easy: close all three rings every single day. I have been doing this for 354 weeks, plus a few incomplete weeks when I missed my goal by a few calories and did not pay enough attention. The total stands at 2575 days, which is a little over 7 years with seven generations of Apple Watch.


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  1. Grad gestern meine “2000-Bewegungsziele”-Auszeichnung bekommen, danke für die Motivationshilfen #dontbreakthechain

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