Panos Panay leaving Microsoft

Photo Rafael Zeier

Panos Panay, the only person who can create a Steve Jobs reality distortion field, is leaving Microsoft. I am really curious about his plans.

Update: Bloomberg says, Panos will lead hardware at Amazon. Think Alexa and Echo. That sounds like Messi leaving Barcelona to play in Miami. But it’s just across the street from his old company.

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4 thoughts on “Panos Panay leaving Microsoft”

  1. Luckily he was mostly alone in his distortion bubble. He was always pumped and overly dramatic, even if there was no story to tell. I have to side with Paul Thurott here, I didn’t like his presentation style one bit and I won’t be missing his Surface presentations.

    1. To be clear, this was not what I intended to say with my comment, Markus. I thoroughly enjoyed Panos Panay’s presentations (and many of ‘his’ Surface products for that matter). I think he is one of the best presenters in the tech industry.

  2. May I comment, that I find the end of your belt on the photo quite irritating.
    Once you notice, you can’t look away 🙂

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