udoq still going strong

One of my greatest joys is to find my own mistakes. Things that can be made so much simpler than you used to do them. John had the same experience this week. I will just quote from his email:

Some years ago you recommended the udoq Charging Station.  As I was looking for something like that I invested and I have to say I am very pleased with it.  … On Saturday I got an email from them about a Sale.  Great but I don’t need anything just now. However I had a read. 

Wait!  What’s this??  “The Charging connectors can be raised or lowered in case you have a protector on your device.”

I stripped my one down and flipping heck – they’re right!  What’s more it is very easy.  I had assumed that those bits were moulded.

For the last X years, I have been religiously removing and attaching my Device Covers every day before putting them on to charge.  I am feeling a tad stupid right now, I can tell you.

John, you are not alone. Quite a few people do not know this.

udoq with two Lightning connectors, individually set for an iPhone with and without case

udoq is very versatile. We have been using two of them since they came out. The base seems expensive, but it is very long-lasting, and the adapters and cables are rather cheap. It just grows with you. Still highly recommended.