Samsung deactivates stolen TVs

Samsung South Africa has announced that it has activated a TV Block Function on all Samsung TV sets stolen during the looting, violence and unrest in parts of KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng during July that saw TV sets stolen from Samsung warehouses.

Thinus Feirrera

It happens when you connect the TV to the Internet. Pretty simple to circumvent.

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2 thoughts on “Samsung deactivates stolen TVs”

  1. Making it harder to sell them.

    Or more frustrating to buy, if you get one “for a real good price, no questions asked”.

  2. One more reason never to let a TV emancipate from “show what the input source provides and don’t smart me”

    While theft prevention might look like a good use case it leads to:

    “You actually never own a Samsung TV, you merely look after it until Samsung decides otherwise ”

    (Sorry Philippe Patek)

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