Teams built into Windows 11

Hello Windows Insiders, today we’re beginning to roll out new Windows 11 consumer experiences to bring you closer to the people you love, your friends and family, using Microsoft Teams. This includes a sleek new Chat flyout right off the taskbar as well as an overall Teams desktop experience architected for optimized performance and the Windows 11 design language. You can remain connected to the people you care about with chats and video calls from the convenience of your Windows 11 PC, while they can participate from any device with Microsoft Teams: desktop, mobile, or even just a web browser.

Brandon Le Blanc

I have the Insider Build of Windows 11 on my Surface Pro X, which is an ARM device. It’s running much better than the latest Windows 10 build, and it also looks more modern. Now Microsoft has started to rollout Teams on this build. I am logged in with my private Microsoft account.

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13 thoughts on “Teams built into Windows 11”

  1. Right now the teams client supports only private accounts. Business accounts and video calls are not yet supported. Looks like Teams personal will be the new Skype for consumer.

  2. Smells like Internet Explorer Antitrust all over again.

      1. Why the sarcasm instead of just saying that you disagree and why? If you don’t expect that will use a quasi-monopolistic position to unfairly advantage Teams over the potential alternatives, that’s a fair opinion to have. I do think it will be unfair use of market power, but I can respect others seeing it differently.

          1. You originally mentioned that MS would not have that position anymore. That is probably worthwhile discussing – there is more and stronger competition and they also are much smarter around those issues. I still do feel they have that position even if they haven’t misused it that much anymore (what I’m aware of – especially around Office there are also other reports).

            Skype is then a good example where they didn’t – or maybe just failed to? Thanks to the pandemic Teams and similar are more relevant than ever, combined with suggested interest in Discord I do think they would try to leverage whatever position they have to get a leg up in that space. Maybe they fail as they did with Skype. Looking at all that integration also with O365 etc., I do think they can succeed though.

            Btw. as consumer and customer I love all that integration. Makes my life much easier. If I were a competitor I would hate that advantage they have, and submit for anticompetitive complaints at the smallest hint of unfairness.

  3. I just hope the program code will be moved from the user data to the correct spot.

  4. Teams rocks in a desktop environment. Compared to Slack, it is still somewhat odd to use it on a mobile device. Example: go into a channel and try to get back to the overview. You have to use the arrow on the upper left hand side of the screen, hardly to reach while moving. No swipe or other easy move to go back to the main overview.

    1. For me on an iPhone 7 swiping in from the left side works. Where doesn’t it work for you?

      1. Again what learned – thank you! It works indeed, you only need to know the tiny area where it works.

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