Apple did not compare A15 to A14 CPUs – for a reason

The rest of the industry may be ready to catch up to Apple, who lost the lead architect and some hundred engineers to a new startup, that was bought by Qualcomm.

Regardless of the paltry CPU gains and potential core architecture delays, Apple is still the leader in performance per watt. With Intel design teams starting to get back on track, AMD executing almost flawlessly, and Qualcomm coming in soon like a hammer with Nuvia cores, we aren’t sure if this lead will be sustained. The A11 to A12 generation was seen as Apple starting to asymptote out on gains with only a 15% gain, and the A13 to A14 looked even more weak with 8.3% gains, but now with no CPU gains, let’s cross our fingers and hope the A16 brings a large architectural change.

Dylan Patel

A very interesting analysis.

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One thought on “Apple did not compare A15 to A14 CPUs – for a reason”

  1. Im Grunde genommen ist das ja eine gute Sache. Es gab ja Zeiten, da waren Apple Chips derart voraus, dass es gar keinen Grund gab, den nächsten noch besseren zu kaufen…wenn das überhaupt einen Grund hat. Denn wenn man sich überlegt, wie mächtig die Smartphone CPU s heute sind…
    Aber Konkurrenz ist gut. Auch wen vermutlich 99,9% der Menschheit diese Leistung in Smartphones nicht brauchen.

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