The problem with Facebook is Facebook

The company’s own research reveals that Instagram harms teens, that it can’t control anti-vax misinformation, and that there is a secret double standard for VIPs. In short, the problem with Facebook is Facebook

Siva Vaidhyanathan

There is only one cure. Stop using it, and everything else they own.

Don’t be as stupid as the next addict: “I can control it”. No, you can’t.

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4 thoughts on “The problem with Facebook is Facebook”

  1. This is pretty be close to the bone: „Working for Facebook these days must be a crushing moral and social experience.“

    1. Is it really? And it’s it even true?

      Thousands if not millions work for military/weapons companies, cigarette companies, oil companies, unhealthy food and/or drink companies, you name it. Most of them seem to be doing fine, so why would this be different for Facebook employees?

      Also, Facebook has millions if not billions of happy users, if the Facebook employees interactions are mainly with those people why should it be a crushingly bad experience?

      1. Facebook AI Research is doing a great job – should be heaven for deep learning researchers – and is, to my knowledge, all around well respected. Also, a lot of stellar OSS came out of Facebook, e.g. Presto and PyTorch.

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