iOS 15 Safari Address Bar

Where do you want your address bar to be? At the top or at the bottom? I am having a hard time adjusting to the new place but also don’t want to hold on to the past.

14 thoughts on “iOS 15 Safari Address Bar”

  1. I only want the address bar at bottom if I can make the keyboard appear on top!* 🙂
    Not every concept has to be sacrificed to the Zeitgeist.

    *Keyboard still at bottom is just an assumption, as I did not install 15 yet.

    1. When you tap into the (bottom) address bar, to edit/delete/replace an url or a search, the keyboard moves up … with the address bar on its top.

  2. I had it for the beta and mostly like it.
    It is just more accessible.

  3. Note that you can switch easily (top-bottom) using the Aa button on the left of the address bar.

  4. I will be trying it at the bottom, the placement makes sense to me but it does take some getting used to 😊

  5. To be honest, I like the new layout quite a lot. I tried it thoroughly during the betas and switched back and forth.

    I will keep the new style. Switching tabs is much easier and it makes more sense, tbh.

    I unchecked the option to color the titlebar, though.

  6. Update: I got used to it. It makes almost no difference to me and doesn’t seem to conflict with muscle memory.

  7. Is it a good idea to update to iOS 15 already or are there so many bugs that it might be better to wait?

      1. Thank you, Volker, that’s what I thought having been trained by vowe in recent years.

    1. It is quite subjective when it is the right time to update. Especially depending on your frustration tolerance and how curious you are about new things.

      I almost never install betas but usually install all official updates as soon as they are released, did the same with iOS 15 and feel fine about it. I would mostly shrug it off if there are some problems but so far I encountered nothing.

      And probably most people do not encounter problems even with .0 releases from Apple. But because there are _so_ many people using Apple products and there is so much talk about them anyhow and people talk a lot more about it when they have problems instead of when everything is fine, the problems do seem bigger than the actual risk.

      But of course there usually is a higher risk with a .0 release. Whether that is a risk that is right for you is something everyone has to decide for themselves.

      1. Thank you, Marco, makes sense. My son has updated to 15 already (of course). I will wait for a few weeks.

  8. Yes, I will also try to adjust to the new location of the address bar. It Geld a Boot off at first, but it seems to make sense.
    In times of 100% working from home, I can live with a limited functionality of my mobile devices. I considered it not that likely that it will be broken beyond usability. So, I did the upgrade and I don’t regret.

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