Voice Isolation in iOS 15

The next time you are in a call in a noisy environment like a driving car, check out the control center on your iPhone. When your microphone is open, you will find a new control: Mic Mode. This lets you select the plain old Standard Mode, Voice Isolation or Wide Spectrum.

This is a recording in Skype with Standard. You will hear some music playing in the background:

And this is a recording in Voice Isolation, where the music is almost completely gone. You only hear it for a split second when I start or stop talking:

As you can hear, this setting makes AirPods much better for voice calls. Recommended!

How to disable Live Photo in iOS 15

The camera has a switch, which lets you turn off Live Photos. That used to be sticky, but it no longer is. When you open the camera, it is always enabled. Since I mostly shoot still objects, there is a lot of wasted space in storage.

As it turns out you can make this toggle stick by going to Settings/Camera. There are more interesting switches that disable automatic behaviour.