Two great Adobe audio tools

Mic Check helps you with your microphone setup to make you podcast-ready. And Enhance Speech makes your voice recordings sound as if they were recorded in a professional studio.

Here are two samples spoken in German. The first one is recorded with just the laptop microphones of a Lenovo ThinkPad Z13. You will notice the room reverb and if you wear headphones, you might even hear a Dyson vacuum behind the next door.

Before enhancement

I uploaded this mp3 file to the Adobe website where it was processed and made available for download as a wav file. Even without headphones you should be able to hear a stark difference. These are not two recordings with two microphones. The second sample is just enhanced from the first sample.

The same recording after enhancement

Adobe is beta-testing a podcast suite for live recording on their website and these tools are both free to use. You have to have a registered Adobe account.

Voice Isolation in iOS 15

The next time you are in a call in a noisy environment like a driving car, check out the control center on your iPhone. When your microphone is open, you will find a new control: Mic Mode. This lets you select the plain old Standard Mode, Voice Isolation or Wide Spectrum.

This is a recording in Skype with Standard. You will hear some music playing in the background:

And this is a recording in Voice Isolation, where the music is almost completely gone. You only hear it for a split second when I start or stop talking:

As you can hear, this setting makes AirPods much better for voice calls. Recommended!