Can I undo this iPadOS 15 change?

Multiasking in iPad OS has always been difficult. Now Apple wants to make it simpler by offering a three dot handle at the top of the screen that let’s you drag apps. Unfortunately some apps have another handle right at the top as well, for instance the Apple Music app. If I want to drag down this shade, it was always easy on iPadOS 14. Now I more often than not hit the multitasking control instead of the shade handle.

Is there any way to disable this new control? I would really like to get back to the prior behaviour.

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  1. Hi Volker,

    in Apple Music sollte es reichen rechts oder links von dem handle oder sogar deutlich drunter anzusetzen, um den Shade runter zu ziehen.
    Eine Möglichkeit die Multitasking Dots zu versetzen oder gar abzuschalten habe ich auch noch nicht gefunden.



  2. Previously, it was possible to disable multitasking overall. But that seems to be gone. Searching for multitasking in the settings app still returns results pointing to the homescreen & dock settings, but there are no multitasking option anymore. To me, this looks like those were removed (at least from the UI) late or in a hurry…

  3. The mental load that comes with multitasking on the iPad has shied me away from using it for more than the often cited media consumption machine. Keeping up with gestures, keyboard shortcuts, drag & drop interops, UI patterns and hinting is now a cumbersome full-time job and i wish Apple’s current generation of devs would take a cue from /Don’t Make Me Think/.

    1. After the first couple of days the three dot handle works _a lot_ better for me than the gestures did before. It makes me think less about it. I touch the handle and select the option I want. Before I was puzzled a lot more about which gesture I should use to start or end having multiple apps on the iPad at the same time.

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