#faceFacebook exploring playdates as a growth lever

Story in the Wall Street Journal:

Facebook has come under increasing fire in recent days for its effect on young users and its efforts to create products for them. Inside the company, teams of employees have for years been laying plans to attract preteens that go beyond what is publicly known, spurred by fear that Facebook could lose a new generation of users critical to its future.

Internal Facebook documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal show the company formed a team to study preteens, set a three-year goal to create more products for them and commissioned strategy papers about the long-term business opportunities presented by these potential users. In one presentation, it contemplated whether there might be a way to engage children during play dates.

The more I learn about this company, the happier I am to have divorced from them. It is a never ending nightmare.

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2 thoughts on “#faceFacebook exploring playdates as a growth lever”

  1. Cannot agree more. But I still find it hard to save good friends from Facebook and WhatsApp addiction. The lock-in effect is extremely strong. FB and WA are part of their emotional and social life. Hard for them to get away from the drug by „just“ hearing rational arguments. What would it be to wake up more people emotionally?

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