Microsoft Journal graduates from Garage

Microsoft Journal is an app for Windows that invites people who love to journal to pick up their digital pen, express themselves quickly, and evolve their ideas.

Of all the different methods of device interaction, digital ink is unique in the speed and degree of natural expression and in aiding memory. With Journal, disparate ideas can be connected, drawings can be sketched, annotations can be freely inserted, information can be located with search, and you can easily connect your ink across other apps to grow your best ideas.

Journal provides an ink-first solution that delivers new AI, intuitive gestures, and connected experiences for Microsoft 365 for work and school (subscription required, sold separately). It’s designed for people who thrive when writing out their ideas, notes, and sketches.

It works quite well. Simple and intuitive. However, it only works with Azure ID, not with Microsoft ID. That means all your data stays on one machine and that makes it unusable for me.

Available for Windows 10 and 11 >

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Journal graduates from Garage”

  1. “Journal” was also the name of the predecessor of OneNote which ran on Windows 7 Pen enabled machines.

  2. I am logged in via AAD and pages are synching across multiple computers. It’s slow – def not as automatic as Todo or OneNote with synching, but it is working.

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