Nothing ear (1) is getting more powerful

When I initially reviewed the Nothing ear (1), I was quite impressed. I had assumed they were 100% hype, but they were actually quite good. And they have consistently been getting better.

The other day I installed the latest firmware and once again marvelled at the software on both Android and iPhone. Quite simple, with the most basic information right on the front: charging level for earbuds and case, as well as settings for hearing and using touch. For firmware updates you must go one level deeper and you get a red dot to tell you about available updates.

Changes in the latest update:

1. New synchronization with Phone (1) in Game Mode. If Phone (1) is connected to Ear (1) whilst entering a game, Ear (1) will automatically activate low-latency mode.

 2. Added support for Microsoft Quick Swift. Allows quick pairing with all Microsoft devices of Windows 10 (version 1803 above) via an automatic pop-up prompting connection.

 3. Optimised call power consumption and increased call life. 

“Quick Swift” is called Swift Pair and it allows you to pair the headphones with Windows without going into the settings.

And using less power on calls is of course a good thing.