8 thoughts on “Tesla Bumper Sticker”

  1. We thought long and hard about a Model Y over the last few months. Since Elon has gone full facist that’s for sure not happening. Signed the contract today for a Mitsubishi. Hoping we’ll get it registered in 2022 for the German funding.

    1. Full agreement regarding Elon, but therefore order a PHEV? I ordered from Polestar instead….

      1. I agree, it is a compromise. Biggest pro was that it did not need to be ordered, they actually had it on the yard. Registration is probably done by end of the week, so we can still get the 2022 subsidy. Plan is to keep it for a few years and then replace it with ID Buzz when/if those will be easily avaiable.
        60km of electric driving “should” be enough for 90% of driving needs and for holiday trips it might be easier to find petrol rather than fast charging in rural Tuscany.
        And yes, it is a Mami-Panzer, however for a family with luggage and sports equipment the alternatives are not so plentiful. Also it is bright red which was an instant plus with my wife.

  2. Its all very sad. I had high hopes for Elon getting us to Mars. He has lost his focus because he insists on engaging in earthly trivia like twitter.

    1. I think he hasn’t changed much. Remember the “pedo guy” incident, because nobody wanted his stupid “submarine”. He is just a man child. His task is to drum up money, not to invent or make anything.

  3. If you had high hopes for Musk, you just weren’t paying attention. The man is ludicrous. He surrounded himself with excellent minds at Tesla and SpaceX, but appears to have diverged from that plan at Twitter as he ousts and alienates anyone of quality there.

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