The 1969 Apollo Guidance Computer

This has been the most entertaining video that I watched this week. I have learned a lot of things that I did not know before. And it’s also a masterclass in how to explain complicated things in a simple manner.

8 thoughts on “The 1969 Apollo Guidance Computer”

  1. Hi Volker,

    if you want to dive further into the topic please also watch
    about the Saturn V rocket. And if that’s not enough I strongly recommend the book „How Apollo flew to the moon“ which is a technical deep dive into everything from the rocket, the spacecraft to the lunar lander.

  2. Fascinating bonus on the subject:

    “This project is an online interactive featuring the Eagle lunar landing. The presentation includes original Apollo 11 spaceflight video footage, communication audio, mission control room conversations, text transcripts, and telemetry data, all synchronized into an integrated audio-visual experience.”

  3. Wie so oft sind die Kommentare bei vowe echte Perlen und Gold wert!
    Tolle und hochinteressante Links, vielen Dank!

  4. Sehr zu empfehlen ist auch der BBC Podcast “13 Minutes to the Moon”, der die Geschichte der Apollo 11 Mission mitsamt der vorherigen Missionen anhand von original Audiomaterrial nacherzählt und viele der Beteiligten interviewt. Sehr gut gemachter Podcast. Es gibt auch eine Season 2 über die gescheiterte Apollo 13 Mission, die ebenso gut ist.

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