What if the Metaverse is already over?

Lots of bad news about the Metaverse. It has fallen from grace. Microsoft is cutting back on their hardware unit after having failed to deliver what they promised to the US military, Zuckerberg has after renaming his company Facebook to Meta and dumping billions of dollars into a bottomless pit, has shifted development resources to AI. Web3 has revealed itself what is is: another money grab by the crypto bros. Now Disney is closing its Metaverse department.

The photo at the top is not from the future. It’s from the past.

As is turns out, the future is not Metaverse. AI is the next big thing.

3 thoughts on “What if the Metaverse is already over?”

  1. I could not agree more, Volker. You could sense it at every CIO conference the last months. There are only 2 topics that IT decision makers where talking about: 1. Talent shortage and 2. AI / ChatGPT. Nobody was even remotely interested in Metaverse. The elephant on the room remains: What happens if Apple should really present their mysterious AR device. Will they turn this around? I am curious…

    1. I am curious as well. Not that I expect to be able to experience it myself. I am wondering if they can build something that people outside the gaming bubble want.

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