AirPods Pro 2: Perfection

I was in a small group of people who checked the AirPods Pro before they were officially announced on October 29, 2019 at 13.00 CET. A year later I was once again blown away by the AirPods Max. Those are still the best headphones I have.

The AirPods Pro became the headphones of choice for lots of people, rightfully so. But when the second generation AirPods Pro came out, I was lagging. After three years, my original AirPods Pro started rattling and Apple had replaced the two earbuds while sending me back the original case. I was good to go for another three years, and besides, could Apple really improve on the AirPods Pro that much? As it turns out, I was wrong.

Fast forward to 2023 and I have now used the AirPods Pro 2 for two months, and they have noticeably improved on all fronts. The transparency mode is even better than the already excellent original AirPods Pro, they filter out more ambient noise, they sound fuller, and they have little benefits I missed on the original. You can finally set the volume without speaking “Hey Siri louder” into thin air. The case beeps when it wants to provide feedback or when you are searching for it, and finally, it warns you through the Find My app when you leave them behind, much like the AirPods Max.

I have many headphones, but if I could only have one, this would be it. With voice isolation, you can even use them for phone calls.

8 thoughts on “AirPods Pro 2: Perfection”

  1. Unfortunately, i notice a rapid self-discharge of the case.

      1. 1-2% per day is nothing i would call rapid.
        The case of the 2nd gen Airpods Pro got smarter (U1 chip). That’s why it needs some power.

      2. Here 10-15% per night. Others report more. Many users have this problem. If the u1 chip drains the battery, why would an airtag last for one year. That could not be the reason. I rather suspect the permanent bt connection.

        1. I had charged to 100 % yesterday and then I used them for a bit. Now the earbuds are at 100 and the case at 94. I don’t see your battery drainage. When I look at my Bluetooth settings panel, AirPods show as disconnected when they are in the case.

  2. Full Ack!
    Hatte viele Earphones mit Android…alles Mist. Jabra mit iPhone ging OK.
    Die AirPods Pro 2 sind unglaublich gut, komfortabel und sogar einfach mit Windows, TV etc. zu verbinden.
    One fits all in perfection!

    OK, im Transparenz-Modus wünsche ich mir eine stärkere Wind-Unterdrückung z.B. auf dem Rad. Vielleicht kommt das ja noch. 😉

  3. While I really like the seamless integration and overall performance of the AirPods Pro (worn out after 2,5 years heavy usage) I decided to try out Jabra Elite 7 Active this time.
    They’re pretty good in terms of sound & microphone quality and fit my ears very well.
    The software is a little too much cluttered and I really miss the easy and automatic pairing/handover with my “circle of devices” but overall I don’t regret.

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