Enhanced security in the new Teams Client

Microsoft has recently announced a new version of the Microsoft Teams desktop app. For an overview of architectural changes in the new Teams, read “Advantages of the new architecture”. In this blog post, we will describe some of the security improvements this new Teams version brings.

Also, the new desktop client footprint goes from 134 MB down to 12 MB as it reuses WebView2 which is shared with Edge.

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7 thoughts on “Enhanced security in the new Teams Client”

  1. WebView2 rah rah rah.
    I really should read more about WebView2. I wonder if other browsers (non Chromium based) can use the component? Or has MS Teams for web just been locked into Edge. What-ever…. it all smells nasty to me.

    1. It is an alternative to Electron where you ship the Chromium engine with every single effing app. WebView2 is provided by the O/S and updated with it. You don’t need to update your app to get the latest fixes. It’s a win-win-win situation.

      1. But doesn’t it mean, that they have to be either more conservative with changes to WebView2 or more often break existing apps?

        E.g. in Electron they did breaking changes to enhance the security. If they did that in WebView2 it would break existing apps.

  2. Java too promised a single runtime per machine but eventually, every app installed and used (only) its own JVM.
    WebView/Electron/… seem to be more of the same. Instead of the actual apps (OS native or browser), we get apps that pretend to be native while duplicating browser code.
    I just want a Teams app (preferably native x86) that installs *once* per machine (currently, it installs in user space, so once per user), that gets its updates together with Office.

    1. Update: the new architecture *does* install only once per machine, although not with “normal” updates (like together with Office). Hallelujah.

        1. Indeed. Note to self: read those first, then reply.

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