Microsoft Surface Duo looks abandoned

Microsoft’s dual-screen foldable smartphone has seemingly been abandoned. At least, that’s how it looks on the outside. The last major software update the Surface Duo received was in October 2022, when the company delivered Android 12L. Since then, movement on new features and bug fixes has pretty much ground to a halt.

A major OS update often comes with a couple of months of bug fixing afterward to iron out any new issues that may have popped up with all the new changes that a major OS release brings. That’s not the case with Android 12L on the Surface Duo. Microsoft pushed out this update and has fixed just one bug since.

Restructuring the hardware division has consequences.

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One thought on “Microsoft Surface Duo looks abandoned”

  1. Which really is a pity. I have one as a work phone and I love it. Im so much more productive with this thing than with a normal phone.

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