New Firmware for Kindle Scribe

Version 5.16.2 – May 2023

Here’s what’s new:

PDF Reading Improvements: For PDFs uploaded through Send to Kindle, switch between portrait and landscape mode, crop margins, and select text to make highlights with your finger or pen, add text notes, or look up dictionary definitions, translations, and Wikipedia results.

Lasso Select: In the writing toolbar, choose the Lasso Select tool to move, resize, cut, or copy your handwritten strokes. The Clipboard tool saves any copied or cut strokes; when selected, paste on the same page or across different notebooks or books.

Convert to text in Export: In the Share menu of a notebook, choose ”Convert to text and email“ to preview and edit the converted text of your handwritten notebook. Choose “Convert to text and quick send to [your registered email address]” to skip preview.

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