Ihr seht bei manchen Kommentaren kleine Bilder. Die kommen von Gravatar. Dort habe ich mich vor vielen Jahren registriert und habe eine zentrale Stelle, an der ich mein Profilbild ändern kann. Ich benutze gerne das selbe Photo überall. Mein Profil sieht man hier. Der Match geht über die Email-Adresse. Man kann auch mehr als eine hinterlegen.

Gravatar gehört zu Automattic, die auch WordPress.com hosten. Da wohnt auch die Status-Seite für vowe dot net: vowe.wordpress.com. Für den Fall, dass diese Seite mal nicht erreichbar ist, schreibe ich dort hin, was gerade passiert.

Comment rules

Nothing has changed. I still want you to be respectful, informative, kind, and charming. And I want you to use your full name. If you cannot use your full name, don’t comment.

This may be difficult to understand. “Volker Weber” is a full name. “Volker W” is not, neither is “V. Weber”, nor “vowe”. You are welcome.

Something has changed: I am moderating comments. They get published after I approve them. If you commented before, I auto-approve your comment, but I revise every single one. And I will not hesitate to unapprove.

I hope this works well for all of us.

Comments need approval. Try it.

I have decided I want to make things easy for friends and hard for others. Therefore, all comments go into an approval queue. Then I get an email to tell me I need to approve. Which I will do at my earliest convenience.

The good news is, that all your future comments will be pre-approved. So I need to do it only once for each of you. Go ahead and try the comments. Then we will get over it very quickly.

On the front page, your comment link is may be to the left of the post. You will find that your ad blocker may remove those comments. I suggest you disable your ad blocker for vowe.net since I won’t be running any ads here anyway.

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