An Open Letter to Clubhouse Founders Paul & Rohan

Dear Paul and Rohan,

I used to hang out on Clubhouse a lot. With my partner Ralf I hosted more than a hundred Soundcheck shows to help people sound better on the platform. We helped musicians hook up their gear to their iPhone and made them sound amazing on Clubhouse. I followed hundreds of people and was followed by thousands. I would find them in the hallway, go to their rooms, see their upcoming events.

And then you connected the sewer pipe to the hallway.

Now it’s all a mess. An empty events header, a deluge of rooms from bad people, using bad language, or languages I cannot even read, let alone understand. And no matter how much work I put in, I cannot close this sewer pipe.

Clubhouse turned a home into a stinking hellhole.

What now? I want to see three clearly marked lists of rooms:

  • rooms hosted by people I follow
  • rooms where people I follow hang out
  • rooms you suggest

And then I want to opt out of category c for good and never see them again. Don’t worry about me finding new people. They will hang out in rooms I enjoy.

I used to go to the weekly Townhall and then recap it for others. I stopped doing that since I can no longer explain why you are sinking your ship.


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