Surface Pro X on Windows 11 and Office 365 Insider

I made a leap of faith today with my Surface Pro X onto Windows 11 Preview and Office Preview. This machine is running Windows on a Snapdragon Chipset instead of Intel/AMD and Windows 11 brings support for lots of apps that would not run before. Now I have Office 64-bit native and Affinity Photos running on this machine and it really makes it whole.

And pretty. So pretty.

7 thoughts on “Surface Pro X on Windows 11 and Office 365 Insider”

  1. Da keimt wieder Hoffnung auf, das Pro X k√∂nnte am Ende doch noch mein Hauptrechner werden. ūüėÄ

  2. This is admittedly not an apples-to-apples comparison (pardon the pun) but I configured a top of the line Surface Pro X and then made a similar configuration for the new large iPad Pro, and the iPad was about $100 more.

    I hope that iPadOS 15’s fixes and additions will finally (finally!) make the Pro into that touchscreen Mac some people keep hoping for.

    While I love the design of the Pro X and Windows 11 is a nice breath of fresh air, the M1 is such an amazing device, I doubt any Windows devices will be able to compete for at least a year.

    1. Yes, the M1 is the beginning of a new architecture. You can’t beat full integration. Currently it is a bit limiting, but Apple is going to make this a much larger family.

  3. Hast du schon ausprobiert Android Apps unter Windows zu nutzen?
    W√ľrde mich interessieren wie das funktioniert.
    Hab auf meinem Surface auch grade die DEV installiert, aber noch keine Zeit zum Testen gehabt.

  4. Upgraded my personal devices (SurfaceBook 2 & Surface Go 2) to 11. So far, so good. Been running my work device fulltime for almost 6 weeks & have found it pretty solid. Still filing bugs, but it hasn’t prevented me from working, which is good news.

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