Third versions of HoloLens and Surface Duo delayed

Reports this week that Microsoft has postponed its next HoloLens headset and Surface Duo mobile device may not be bad news. Three iterations of not-so-great products don’t guarantee success.

I agree with Mary-Jo Foley on this. I tried both HoloLens products and both Surface Duos and would not want to use them. If these ever want to fly, they need more work.

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2 thoughts on “Third versions of HoloLens and Surface Duo delayed”

  1. I bought an cheap, second hand Surface Duo recently for work and for this usecase I love it. The company is 100% on Microsoft office and this combination is working extremely well. Just using Outlook on the duo beats any other mobile device. The caveat is that apps not optimized for the duo in the best case do not gain anything from the second screen and worst case are less usable than on a standard single screen device (e.g. GMail is just horrible)

  2. We use a lot (100+) HoloLens 1 and 2 at my workplace, and while they may not be the greatest MS Products, they are a lot better than the competition in that space….

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